Wolf Creek Nuke Plant Confronts EPIC Fine

Not much mention of this not-so-fun fact by local media given that this hotspot is well within the area of contamination if anything goes really wrong. Take a look:

Federal agency proposes $232,000 fine for Kansas nuclear plant

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission announced Tuesday that it found the Wolf Creek Nuclear Operating Corp. violated federal regulations.


  1. "One hell of a way to boil water."

    Albert Einstein

  2. Hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of fines, but just considered as the cost of doing business by the utility. There are better, safer and more cost-effective ways of producing electricity in Kansas, all within the radius of the metro area that you find Burlington. Slowly, those wind and solar sources are developing.

  3. ^^^^ Wind and Solar aren't always on. The sun goes down and the wind doesn't blow from time to time. Nuclear is clean, on demand energy. I'm all for minimizing environmental impacts but some people are just silly about this stuff.

    I suspect you'll see an increase in Nuclear in the coming decades.

  4. Nuclear is the absolute only answer if we want to wean ourselves from conventional fuel systems. The fine is for retaliatory measures against an employee. There is no information whether a safety concern even existed and could have been as simple as "Bob didn't properly tag-out an engine he was repairing". Yes, yes, failures are sexy, 3 mile Island, Chernobyl, Fukishima, but seldom noted is France generates nearly 80% of its power from nukes of the same type as Wolf Creek, PWR's. Also to mention, current gen MSR's are virtually failsafe. We should be streamlining their permitting rather than hindering.

    Info over, come on geezer-crap-eater-kid: hey geezer, TL:DR I have no interest in furthering my knowledge, nuclear is bad, the progs tell me so. You guys are pansies for not wanting to get shot, live a little, eat your tapioca. <-- there, does that sum up your thoughts?

  5. nuclear industry kinda interesting, has to perpetuate itself so, in case, stilll can put together a group of ppl who can do various tricks with nuclear energy. Regardless maybe they should focus on the micro-scale administration at a central nuclear science preservation center instead of hack labs all over located on waterways, shifting in earthquakes, wondering where to stick all the baseballs of spent fuel.

  6. This thread is long dead, but those spent fuel cells can be re-processed in current plants leaving very minute amounts of fissile material left. This waste can then be stored for future use in weapon systems or for some new tech that comes along that could perhaps process more. Or, you pulverize the material and distribute it over the ocean at naturally occurring concentrations where it gets organically reprocessed into the life-cycle.


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