Saturday, December 01, 2018

Will Prez Trump Rescue Kris Kobach For Dead End Political Career In Kansas?!?!?

No hate for this right wing maverick, his tactics didn't work in the Sunflower State and he makes a more convincing character on the national scene anyhoo . . . Here's a tease:

Kobach says he's talked to Trump but won't discuss details


Anonymous said...

The only reason Kris Kobach's career was derailed was because a number of Kansas Republicans were too cowardly to stand against the slings and arrows thrown at them by the leftist media being bankrolled by out of state interests.

They did the same damn thing to Phil Kline who was disbarred by a group of black robed dictators follow the law.

Silvia Stolz said...

Kris Kobach doesn't need rescuing because he is the future. When Trumpians (finally) realize that that Trump never needed Congress to build a wall protecting our borders and is simply another RINO, they will look to someone who has proven himself to be a true Patriot who doesn't want America to die the death that is coming to much of Europe. The constant attacks from the left are proof of this man's patriotism and real Americans will not let him sink into obscurity. God Bless And Protect Kris Kobach.

Anonymous said...

I agree completely Sylvia...

AND PROTECT (her from)