Will Petition Push Back Stop EPIC Tax Breaks For Kansas City Developers???

The latest community effort now up for city council debate and a power move that will ultimately be thwarted by election langauge rewrites.

Here's a more hopeful take:

Fox4: Petition aims to cut tax breaks Kansas City gives for new developments

Money line:

The coalition is concerned because of how big tax breaks projects are getting. 

According to the Hyatt proposal, the hotel could be essentially tax free for 10 years and get breaks for another five years, costing the city more than $8 million.

So the Coalition for Economic Development reform is fighting back.

This Wednesday, the city's finance and governance committee will review the petition for capping tax incentives and consider putting it on the August 2019 ballot.

Developing . . .


  1. This is why your taxes are so high, you are carrying big business like Hyatt, just to name a few. I can guarantee nothing will be done about it and your taxes will continue to go UP with nothing to show for it except Sly's fat pockets full of your money!

  2. So, why don't they take some other developer's proposal to turn that surface parking lot, that's been a surface parking lot for the 16 years I've lived here in KC, into something that generates more tax revenue? Oh wait, there are no other proposals. Okay, let's leave it a surface parking lot then.

    I like how the KC Star article characterizes this project as a "luxury Hyatt hotel", the Hyatt House brand is not a 'luxury' brand, it's not a flop house by any stretch, but not a 'luxury' brand by any reasonable definition either.

  3. Wasn't there a petition drive to stop street car expansion? Where did that go? The city ignored it if I remember right. The corrupt government in Jackson County and Kansas City Missouri will just ignore these petitions too. After all we need more money to fund 18th & Vine and Open Spaces and the airport.

  4. ^^Why are you asking dumb questions here? Did you ask the city first? Why not? Please go do your own work.

  5. ^^^^ ?? ASK THE CITY ??
    HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa (gasp) HaHaHaHaHaHa…

    Good One!
    Unless you meant the garbage you posted, in which case, STFU you arrogant little Dumbhead!

  6. Aren't tax breaks just taxes we wouldn't be getting? Like with this hotel, the land will sit empty and we won't be getting tax revenue anyway so why not give it a break to encourage construction

  7. Need to get rid of E.D.C. and revamp so City Hall can not pick and chose

  8. City minions, @9:44 aka Go4KC, are trolling on TKC today.

  9. ^^shit-stains like you are shitting themselves today.

  10. ^^^ Wow. Some really heavy, heavy words of wisdom you provide on here. This is really some remarkable insight. Your comments are just the most nuanced and insightful stuff we have ever seen! Keep this quality work up! Incredible!


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