Will Missouri Fight Against Gerrymandering Help Topple GOP Hegemony?!?!?

Cities like Springfield, Joplin and Columbia are are becoming more "urban" in many respects and ripe for a Democratic Party takeover if the right candidates present themselves. Here's a look at statewide push back against Red State domination that really doesn't help either party when it come to earning more sweet federal benefits and perks that serve to power the local economy.

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Missouri first to adopt fairness test against gerrymandering

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) - The votes won't be cast for another four years, yet Democrats already appear likely to gain seats in Missouri's Republican-dominated Legislature in 2022. The reason: a one-of-its kind redistricting initiative approved by voters in the recent midterm elections.


  1. For many years Missouri was a blue state so the Democrats controlled the legislature and did the gerrymandering or redistricting. When they did the gerrymandering the Democrats did not think it was unfair but now that they're in the minority they don't like the process. Someday, if they retake the Missouri legislature, they'll regret passing this "fairness" law.

  2. What do you mean KCMO, STL, and Springfield are ripe for a Prog takeover? They are all solidly prog already. The dems hope is that the power in the State Auditor's office (politicizing what should be a non-partisan office) for legalized gerrymandering will slice off enough constituents in the large urban areas to override the will of the rural areas adjacent to the prog urban centers. This will get them more seats in those areas but there is just too much land outside of the prog strongholds to make a dent in the makeup of the State Legislature. Maybe on the Congressional side but those seats haven't been solidly Rep or prog.


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