Sunday, December 23, 2018

Will Kansas City Chiefs Win Tonight Or Choke Again Amid Ketchup Glory?!?!?

The pressure is on as this game has major implications around the NFL and the early season hype doesn't seem quite as convincing.


Seahawks: The Opposing View - An Insider’s Look At The Kansas City Chiefs.

Arrowhead Addict: Kansas City Chiefs need to attack the Seahawks run game

SB Nation: The Seattle Seahawks will try to clinch a playoff spot this Sunday night at home against Kansas City, with the Chiefs set as road betting favorites of under a field goal.

You decide . . .


You heard it here first NFL is rigged said...

Chiefs win by 2.

Anonymous said...

Mahomes breaks his leg. Season over.

Anonymous said...

^^^ that’s funny right there!

Anonymous said...

The Kansas City Ketchups

Mia Wallace (Fox Force Five) said...

^^^ Because they always play from behind? Chasing the team in front of them for the win? I see what you did there.

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

^^^ OUCH!

Anonymous said...

What happens to this team when the games really matter

Anonymous said...

CHIEFS CHOKE!!!!!!!! Always do when it means something. STILL LOSERS!!!!

Anonymous said...

I told you that they would lose tonight....and they did!

The lousy defense and the fact that Mahomes Magic is figured out by the top teams in the NFL.

Out of the playoffs the first game they show up (because they can't play).

G. Washington said...

Go Chargers!