Wildcat Bill Walks Away With 3 Million Bucks

He's a legend or whatever, but this payout might be a big much for a Sunflower State employee . . . Moreover, whilst this vast fortune was earned by running a relatively clean program and making sure students earned degrees . . . It's also a product of slave labor in a system that is one of the most unfair anti-capitalist operations concocted by greedy state government officials long, long ago.

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Bill Snyder to get $3 million payment for 'all he has done'

K-State will pay Bill Snyder $3 million over the next three years, an amount equal to the buyout he would have been entitled to had he been fired, athletics director Gene Taylor told The Mercury Wednesday. Taylor said Snyder was not fired, and that the payout was instead "for all he has done for our football team, our program and our community...


  1. At his age if your frugal you can sit around and whittle wood for a few extra years comfortably on that until it's time to turn out the lights "meet ur maker".

  2. Nobody made them play. They spent most of their youth pursuing it. It was their choice. All for a small percentage of a chance to go pro.

  3. Not a bad payoff. Especially when you hit that age when you know any day could be your last.

  4. Kansas Scout, your argument is ignorant and is akin to some of the same defenses of child labor. Thankfully, the law intervened.

  5. At the end of his life, a huge chunk of Snyder's estate will go back to KSU. So this payout is really just KSU parking their money.


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