Unions Rally Against 'Unlawful' Yet Inevitable T-Mobile Acquisition Of Sprint

Mostly pointless outcry against a deal that threatens to cost the Kansas City metro thousands of jobs. Here's the newspaper take on this protest that has been going since late Summer. Read more:

Sprint T-Mobile merger 'presumptively unlawful' says opposition | The Kansas City Star

The 4Competition Coalition brings together labor, consumer and rival wireless companies in an effort to convince federal and state officials to reject a "presumptively unlawful" merger of Sprint and T-Mobile.


  1. Sprint's only value is the bandwidth leases they own. Their customer base is crap, all the quality customers having moved on years ago. They won't be remembered fondly. Bye bye Sprint.

  2. ^^You never have anything to say, yet you say it all the time.

  3. @2:03 And all you do is attack people and never say anything relevant. You must lead a pretty miserable life, you stupid neckbeard.

  4. All the quality customers? WTF does that even mean CB? Do you even have a clue what you're rambling about?


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