Troost Talks Gentrification And Growing Resentment Of Kansas City Hipsters

The Troost dividing line is fading and despite decades of complaining, locals still aren't happy about how the development is turning out.

Newsflash: Po'folk are getting moved out for sketchy housing schemes and low-rent biz. The arguments are entertaining but might not be much good as market forces have far more impact . . . Nevertheless, check the latest newsie update . . .

People discuss gentrification as Kansas City neighborhood is revitalized

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- If you've driven down Troost lately you may have notice a few new building projects develop. Several apartment buildings, and a hotel are under construction, and there's even more to come. UC-B Properties is a primary developer and wants to revitalize the area back to what it used to be.


  1. Call it what it is. KCMO wants to push blacks completely out of the core and if possible into Raytown and Grandview. No city leader will ever admit it but that is the plan. At some point all the black leaders will figure this out and realize that the grifting funds in Raytown and Grandview are much less.

  2. Nope, just another Real Estate Developer who found a different pony to ride.
    UC-B Properties will keep spending as long as the City keeps handing them money, then split as soon as the flow slows down.
    Over the years we've seen at least a dozen "Saviors Of The Inner City" pull off the same scam, with nothing to show for it.

    New apartments and hotel?
    "Tomorrow's Section 8 Today!"

  3. "Lucas says an element of gentrification is going to happen as communities are revitalized and property taxes raise."

    LOL wow he is like so smart huh?

  4. Lucas needs to plead guilty to his drunk driving charge and then shut the fuck up.


  5. Fist of all this Quinton Lucas is a clown and doesn't know his ass form a hole in the ground, so I wouldn't put much faith into anything he says!

    Driving down Troost you can see that the black people are destroying it faster than they can build it. The gangs have already marked their territory at Armour and Troost before MAC has even started. 29th and 30th around the Beacon Hill area still has miles of blight around it, you can see that very few of the Beacon Hill houses that were fixed up, are not selling for the bogus high prices they were asking.

    I agree with the other poster it will be tomorrows section 8!

  6. The developers are cleaning it up in preparation for the renaming to MLK felonway.

  7. UC-B Properties is Donald Maxwell who is a black lawyer who also works for the city in human relations.
    Professional Affiliations:

    Kansas City Metropolitan Bar Association
    Jackson County Bar Association
    Missouri Bar Association
    Kansas Bar Association
    Johnson County Bar Association
    Missouri Department of Supplier and Workforce Diversity MBE
    City of Kansas City, Missouri Department of Human Relations MBE
    Mid-America Minority Business Development Council

    Community Connection:

    • CENTURIONS Leadership Development Program, Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce

    • Girl Scouts of Mid-Continent Council, Inc., Board of Directors Nominating Committee

    • Urban League of Greater Kansas City Board of Governors

    • Destination Kansas City , Past President

    • Kansas City Keys Community Foundation, Board Member

    • Concord Fortress of Hope Church, Board of Trustee

    • Beta Lambda Educational Institute – Board of Directors

    He’s just trying to run whitey out, so much for diversity huh

  8. Lucas- Will he will be asking for the City to build a grocery store on Troost. "These folks over here are really hurting. Those folks over west and north of Troost have nice new cars in their driveways and do not need anything..."
    We need to buy that old grocery store land tear it down, add $15,000,000 to build a new one, and lease it to a store operator for 20 years for $1.00 per month.

  9. The City Has been doing this for Years. It's called Urban Renewal. If it becomes more expensive to Live .It will keep some of the rift-raft.out.And if you don't renew your urban areas .YOU will Become a DETROIT. OR GARY INDIANA .,BRIDGEPORT CONNECTICUT. ECT.


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