Trashy Kansas City Reminder

One of the very few updates from City Hall that's not outright propaganda, here's a holiday guide to KCMO trash pickup in the aftermath of the cheap Chinese junk that all of us will exchange in a couple of days.

Developing . . .


  1. Just find one of hundreds of overgrown vacant lots on the east side and dump it there if you need to. Thats what everyone else does.

  2. I heard Bob Berdella used trash amnesty days to get rid of bodies.

  3. I’m glad every little old lady has a twitter account, otherwise how would they ever know about any of this, I especially like that they sent this out at 4:43 on a Friday, this looks like somebody said oh shit, I almost forgot to do the one and only thing I had to do today.


  4. Dump site has been changed to Sly James front door any day, any time or city hall whatever you prefer.

  5. I see many white couples raising black children thru adoption, but ain't never seen a black couple raising white kids. Why is that?


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