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Kansas City Fed: Key To Sketchy Economy

This Chart Explains GM's Woes Better Than Blaming Trump

There's more to General Motors' problems than steel tariffs. While it is convenient for some to blame President Donald Trump for the recent mass layoff announcement at my former employer, there are other perhaps more important things to consider.

Kansas City Rents Headed This Way

Col. Pritzker's New Rentals Open in January - for $13,500 a Month

Crossing the intersection of Chestnut and Clark, it's near impossible to miss the whir of construction in the area. The neighborhood is just one of many downtown witnessing a dramatic uptick in new housing, typically in the form of tall, slender towers packed with small units.

NextGen Game Of Life!!!

Hasbro Releases 'Monopoly For Millennials' Where Players 'Collect Experiences' Instead Of Money

The tagline reads: "Forget the real estate. You can't afford it anyway."

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  1. Like TKC because I know that the readers are way smarter than the author. It's even more fun because T is in on the joke as well.

    Funny Monopoly link though.

    Damn good stuff.

  2. ^^^^^^^ A blogger is not an author.

    Just a smart arse.

    1. You sir, may fuck off. Tony’s KC is one of the main reasons I don’t take the Star. My fellow UMKC Roo covers the local scene by himself better than that soon to be dead rag. V/r, Jimbo

  3. It is true that most if not all of this COMP USA (90's) era "technology-thinking" is stifling innovation.

  4. ^^^^^^ it's true that you wasted your life.

  5. I've been saying it for a few years now and GM's problems bear this out. Millenials lack of money is a problem for all of us. The average age of a car on the road is 11 years. Big ticket purchases like cars and houses make the world go round. Millenials aren't buying cars and houses because they owe 75,000 or more to student loans and their jobs pay less than generations before. Rent is outrageous too. Domt think this doesn't affect you because it will. In the future when you want to retire and downsize or move to Florida the demand for your house is goi going to be drastically reduced. There is simply going to be less buyers in the market.

  6. 8:43 but yet millions of students manage to have a car and house loans while still paying off college loans, quit being a cry baby and do what millions and millions of former college students did before you, sucked it up and paid their damn bills, quit looking for the government to pay for everything, not gonna happen loser

  7. Explain how millinials are paying $1500 or more a month to live downtown then?

  8. 10:06 you're so fucking stupid it will probably be impossible to insult you. I'm not a millennial and don't have student loans. I am able to take a macro look at the economy and recognize actual facts and observe what is happening. I can form critical thoughts deeper than "students have cars." Oh, and students have mortgages? They do? I don't know any college students with mortgages but that's just me. Not once did I mention handouts you fucking moron, any conclusions you jumped to were made by your feeble mind. It must be a real difficult concept for you to imagine a kid that graduates in 2018 with $50,000+ in student loans probably won't be able to afford a new car or a mortgage in the next 20 years minimum. Oh, and because a couple of thousand millenials can afford to live downtown doesn't mean they all can. Actually hundreds of thousands cannot afford those places and probably never will. Hell, thousands of them live with their parents still. It should go without saying but I guess you need help. Just because you see one thing a certain way once doesn't mean that's how it always is. It rained here yesterday, that doesn't mean it rains everyday. Millions of people have good to great jobs. Millions more have shit jobs that don't pay. Car sales are down across the board, not just GM. Look at credit card debt in America. That's every generation, yours included. And since I guarantee yoir inbred redneck ass is a Trump supporter look what he's done with his personal debt and the country's debt. I know, I know, your a self-made millionaire that pulled himself up by his own bootstraps so everyone else should do it too.

  9. Check out the job listings. A $12 an hour job with hard to afford health care is a good job for many.


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