Wednesday, December 05, 2018


Given so much chest-thumping saccharine coverage today, our blog community, of course must provide an alternative.

To wit . . .


Here's the word and more links on the topic for edification:

TKC Reader: Bush 41 Funeral & Memorial

In watching some of the media coverage of George H.W. Bush's memorial service at the U.S. Capitol, I was reminded of a few things:

1) Despite America eschewing a formal monarchy system like that found in parts of Europe, the service on Monday bore all the trappings of a king's final farewell.

2) There's a perverse American truth that those who practice illegal/unethical acts while fighting their way to the top of a hierarchy will be absolved of wrongdoing if they reach the pinnacle of power. This is true in politics, business, and other endeavors. Americans love a winner, and winners get to write history.

3) American corporate news media absolutely reveal themselves as state propaganda agents during events like Bush's farewell. The multi-millionaire news anchors repeat the fictional sanitized version of the deceased's legacy, while surviving members of the political power structure genuflect before the family, nation, and television cameras.

Related reading:

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Guardian: Vice-president of the United States, George Bush, meets Manuel Noriega in 1983. From US friend to foe -- As with Saddam Hussein, Noriega enjoyed American support until he turned into a wayward ally who had to be overthrown

Mashable: After Bush Sr.'s death, Twitter grapples with the ex-president's divisive legacy

NBC: George H.W. Bush wasn't Trump — but from Willie Horton to the AIDS crisis, we shouldn't whitewash his legacy

Politico: Is History Being Too Kind to George H.W. Bush?

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

The reader might be conservative but those links aren't.

I notice liberal media wants to tarnish the legacy rather than acknowledge his accomplishments.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^^^ You can do both.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ can it wait until he’s six feet under, talk about insensitive, Jesus man, the libs don’t care about anything but themselves.

Anonymous said...

He is the face of the dark forces that took over when they killed Kennedy. He was in on the 911 hoax and the continuing war in the middle east. Hitler will be a waiter at the George Bush resort in hell. May he spend the next 1000 years doing the devil.

Anonymous said...

His accomplishments were killing a lot of people and stealing more money for him and his buddies than anyone can imagine.

Anonymous said...

Gulf War '91 was the war that made Americans love war. If only we had kept our "funk of Vietnam" we wouldn't have invaded Iraq and propped up the caliphate and destroyed Christendom in iraq and Syria. That is the only longterm meaningful impact of GHWB's presidency.


Anonymous said...

^^^^^^^^ Excellent comment. Thanks Radish!

Anonymous said...

The War In Central America started right after the Vietnam War ended in the Mid 70's while Bush was head of the CIA but the public thought they accomplished something by ending the draft they paid no attention. Then there was "the Other 9/11 where Ford and Kissinger supplied arms in Indonesia. The snafu happened when the executions started before Ford and Kissinger landed back on US soil which links the two to War Crimes under The Geneva Convention.

Simon Of Trent said...

Shill for Israel.

Anonymous said...

The guy was classy. Shut it, haters!

Anonymous said...

^^^ Not very informed. Try reading something besides Time magazine.