The zero hour is at hand for what could be the definitive policy battle betwixt Prez Trump Vs. Democratic Party leaders and his own party.

And so we ask our reader community . . .


Again, it's worth reminding locals that KC is home to at least 50K government workers and even more industries which directly depend on the Feds.

Most polling suggests a majority of Americans oppose a shut down. The ensuing fight will be an effort to place blame.

Check the links from both sides:

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Fox News: Government headed for partial shutdown at midnight, as lawmakers leave Capitol without deal

Guardian: Government shutdown looms as poll reveals most Americans oppose it – as it happened

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FX: Government headed for partial shutdown at midnight, as lawmakers leave Capitol without deal

The Hill: Poll - More Americans would blame Trump for shutdown

CNBC: Trump, the master salesman, is trying to sell America a 'Democrat shutdown' — but he already owns it

Fox4KC: Don’t worry: NORAD will still track Santa even if there’s a government shutdown

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  1. Depends on how long it goes and a partial shut down will probably work out bad for the Demos. Not because I'm on Trump's side but because we've seen the Democratic Party screw up every opportunity they've ever had.

  2. If no border, no country! Open borders means 3rd world shithole.

  3. Shut it down. Build the wall.

  4. have to agree with two out of three of the comments.

    Trump is the only president to have the support to do this. This might put him right back on top and take away the media's steam with the constant hounding over Mueller and Nasdaq.

    Think about the big picture, he has been through bigger setbacks and bounced back. This looks like the same thing. People want the wall, it may not make Democrats happy to hear it but that is a fact.

  5. Gemni Crouquet12/21/18, 9:28 PM

    One week from now look for Shumer and Pelosi to come crawling back with hats in hand. This isn't going to look good for them.

  6. Nobody likes a shut down. But this really isn't that. More like a paid vacay for 200,000 government workers. I wouldn't dare say who is going to "win" this debate.

    But it's not an elected official. Remember that Newt Gingrich had a lot of momentum going for him before the "Contract With America" shut down but by the end of it he couldn't get elected dog catcher.

  7. Shut down doesn’t bother me, what does bother me is that politicians don’t give a shit about us commoners, were their pawns in their egotistical war, they do this shit without one bit of concern for the taxpayers, just build the damn wall already

  8. Don't have any favorites in this one. But if Trump loses to Pelosi. He might as well call it a career.

  9. It'll be a YUGGGE win for Kansas City - not now, but in 2020, when the GOP has had this reeking asswipe and all his failures hung around their necks for two more years an there is a Democratic landslide bringing responsible government back to our Country!

  10. ^^^^ LOL.

    Just really glad KC lost the GOP convention in 2016, the history would have been nice but there's no way we wanted to take the blame for this disaster.

  11. So if someone asks how many federal employees work in KC, I'll know to say about a quarter of them. =8^/

  12. ^^^^ LOL! YAAAAAAAAS!

  13. “I would build a great wall, and nobody builds walls better than me, believe me, and I’ll build them very inexpensively. I will build a great great wall on our southern border and I’ll have Mexico pay for that wall." — Toadstool

  14. Better not shut down the people that send all the welfare checks or we’ll have a race riot.

  15. Less than two hours now. G'bye blue wave.

  16. You want to see a real riot? Just think of the fury that would be unleashed if the geezers didn't get their check.

  17. Why are the Dems against sensible border security?

    Thats the big question.


    We, the "lawmakers" should be doing our f*cking jobs, y'all. Ain't no need to smack around the regular fed gubmint employees, worry them and their families, and hold up paychecks. If the House and Senate can't get a Border Security funding agreement achieved right quick before midnight Friday, we ought to have our asses working 24/7 through the next week, and even on Christmas Eve. If we don't, WE should be the ONLY gubmint personnel NOT GETTING PAYCHECKS!

    Plus, all the B.S. about fighting over whether it's a "wall", a "fence", a "firing squad" --- joking on that one --- CRAP, Billy and Barry both were proponents and paid for miles and miles of BORDER FENCING!!!

    Look up and listen to my interview I did at 4:20pm today on NPR/All Things Considered.

  19. So can we smoke weed or no?

    Don't answer that.

  20. It costs money to shut down the government.

    Workers have to Waste time spent preparing. No work is done during it (and it's not made up, despite retroactively paying workers for an unscheduled vacation), and more unnecessary work on reopening tasks.

    The government collects no fees from closed locations. If a park is closed, visitors can't spend on entrance fees or things from a gift shop.

    Shutting down is incredibly irresponsible and a stupid waste of resources. Trump is throwing money away. Although that's no surprise, since the entire GOP doesn't care about running up huge deficits and debt, now back to a trillion dollars annually.

  21. I thought Mexico was paying for the wall.

    He lied???

  22. 1:17 are you pretending that the Dems care about the debt? The NATIONAL DEBT DOUBLED under Obama! So quit your lying.

  23. The first trillion dollar annual deficit: W Bush.

    Obama reduced it to half that during his eight years, despite inheriting the great recession.

    Trump now pushed it back to a trillion dollars annually, during a good economy he inherited.

    The same pattern happened after Reagan/Bush tripled the debt and Clinton got us to a balanced budget.

    It's Republicons that pretend to care about debt but then go on record borrowing sprees. It's Democrats that actually bring the annual deficits down. Sorry, that's the math and history.

    1. No one is going to take rhetoric-as-fact seriously. This just boils down to:

      Anything Republicans do = bad
      Anything Democrats do = good

      Sorry, the moment calls for better than more tired partisan bullshit.

  24. It's not about blame. It's about credit.

    I get the credit. I own it. Bigly.

    Anything else is fake news.

  25. I remember the rally chants well.

    What do we want?
    Invisible border security, steel slats and whatever you want to call it.

    And who is going to pay for it?
    The American taxpayer with indirect reimbursement from an updated NAFTA agreement.

    That was the promise, right?

    So what happened to a big beautiful Mexican paid wall? I'm beginning to think Trump doesn't know what he's doing. He also just might be a liar.

  26. ^^^^Beginning??? Might be????

  27. The dirty democrats can give away billions to secure another country but can't give Trump the money to secure our own. Jealous democrats are putting me on furlough and I'm fine with that.
    Merry Christmas democrats this was your dirtiest trick to America yet!

  28. Political correctness is the gradual process of destroying all traditions, languages, religions, individuality, government, family, law and order in order to re-assemble society in the future as a communist utopia.

    When the law no longer protects you from the corrupt, but protects the corrupt from you – you know your nation is doomed.

  29. If it meant not spending any money, KCMO city government should shut down for about six months.
    There wouldn't be any noticeable change in services to residents, because they're mostly nonexistent already.
    And the lines of grifters and other hand-out seekers on the 22nd and 29th floor at 12th and Oak would disappear.
    The taxpayers would save tens of millions of dollars and maybe even some of the massive debt could be reduced.
    Which mayoral candidate will have the foresight to suggest it?

  30. ^^^ I like it! And it’s true, we wouldnt notice one damn thing different

  31. I blame the democrats for everything, running around acting like spoiled rotten rich bitches, they don’t give a damn about anything but them selves and how much money they have, egotistical bastards is what they are. They hate you, why else do they do the stupid things they do?

  32. Just build the damn thing already. I’m not Trump’s biggest fan, but stopping illegal crossers is a good thing whether it’s built on a GOP’s or DEM’s watch. Add it to the national debt - who thinks it will ever be paid off anyway? It’s hardly like the government doesn’t already burn money on really dumb things. Want proof? Just research “stupid government spending” to find examples like this:
    The State Department uses taxpayer money to pay for hand-blown crystal wine glasses for U.S. embassies around the world. This is no ordinary glassware—it must be purchased only from high-end retailers, and each glass “has to make a sharp high-pitched resonant sound when tapped with a metal object, such as a fork or spoon.”
    Cost to taxpayers: $5 million

  33. “The House scrambled to put together a package late Thursday that included the $5.7 billion the president wants, but was unable to agree on a deal to fund the government by Friday.”

    So they found money for the wall but not for the employees, WOW, this just shows you how much they care about the commoners.

    I have to agree with 8:01 about the stupid, frivolous out of control spending on things they don’t need, these types of things need to be eliminated from all forms of government. Killa shitty waste’s way to much money on crap like this all day everyday.

  34. The wall is one more of those stupid, frivolous out of control things we don't need. Most undocumented immigrants these days come here on tourist visas and don't leave.

    The wall is a monument to a president with a monumental ego. Where is the infrastructure work he promised?

  35. I still don't understand how the Democrats, who are in the Minority on both Houses of Congress, were able to block any spending Bill.

    It looks more like the Republicans, who are constantly shrieking about spending, aren't able to get their act together enough to even pass something as basic as a Bill to keep the Government running.

    What's wrong within the GOP, and how are the Democrats to blame for this failure?

    Please explain, thanks.

  36. ......he's got big walls
    ......she's got big walls
    ......they've got big walls


    ......anthem of a generation.

  37. Trump has to come off rough and crude, he is likely the people's last chance to save this country from a one world is the third world goverments. Open borders, $10 a gallon gas and free everything else. Check our what the left did to Venezuela.

  38. Like the tarrifs, short term loss, long term gain.

    We need better border security, a plan to expel the 12-20 million illegals already here and a plan to exterminate the cartels pushing their dope into this country.

    If these "non-essential" employees don't like that they're furloughed, they have the freedom to look for a job elsewhere.


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