In this missive Kansas City's top faith blogger offers a perspective on a better work regarding America's new religions.

Here's how Mr. Tammeus sees the partisan new faith debate:

"Religion for many people in America now consists of belonging to the solipsistic church of Trump, while, on the other side of the ledger, religion for many others has to do with a worship of social justice and an adherence to the idea that human progress is possible, perhaps to the point of perfectibility -- an idea that got blasted away a century ago at the end of the incredibly brutal World War I. Part of the rise of these inchoate faiths is due, he asserts, to the decline of Christianity in the U.S."

At the risk of offering further reading that's just a bit more highbrow than our typical fare, this is a great local analysis of an even better essay. Take a look:

America's new religions are vacuous: 12-13-18


  1. That's quite heady, Will Melania forgive us our sins?

  2. "Since the 2016 presidential election, I have sought to understand and explain why more than 80 percent of people who identify as Christian evangelicals voted for Donald Trump, a man whose entire life and beliefs run counter to nearly everything those evangelicals have stood for."

    One more time, you ignorant slut, it is because human beings with above room temp IQ, can PRIORITIZE. Trump's sins with the ladies are no different than Democrat President's sins with the ladies and he doesn't want open borders and a Socialist melt down brought on by blinkered, inexperienced idiots like Cortez, or like Obama and Sanders who NEVER cashed a check from a for profit company for services rendered.

    "We have the cult of Trump on the right, a demigod who, among his worshipers, can do no wrong"

    You mean like the Demiurge Obama, who never received any bad press and was worshiped like the fuckin Aztec Sun God from Hollywood to New York and back Billy?

    This article is preposterous in it's myopia and inability to see, that every, EVERY single aspect of the accusations leveled against Trump supporters were in the previous administration a light year more salient in the Obama administration.

    This is typical behaviour from liberals who accuse everyone else of the very sins they are committing.

    See the Mueller Investigation.

  3. I just like Teump because the economy is better and his immigration policies are sound and he doesn’t like homosexuals. If he grabbed a pussy or two, they were whores anyway.

  4. Right on Chuck, you nailed it again!

  5. Andrew Sullivan is spot on.

  6. Andrew Sullivan is an incontinent puke who "spots" his underwear every time he sees Trump on TV, just like Billy Tammy.

  7. Billy sucks goat dick, just like Allah and all Muslims.

  8. Trump is con-man plying his trade to the rubes as countless others have done before him. He feeds on the ignorant. He trades on their fear and lack of education. It's the same old story, snake-oil salesman shows up, pretends to cure cancer. The feeble-minded show up and buy the Schtick hook, line and sinker. He fleeces the rubes and moves on with the sheriff on his tail.

  9. As you can see by the above, Evangelicals support Trump because their so-called Christian Values sit very lightly on them. That is what led them to turn their backs on real Religion and adhere to the creed of "we are better than you" instead.

    And now they have immersed themselves so deeply into their worship of false Leaders that hey cannot admit their errors in turning away from Christ and his teachings.

    1. ^^^ Try to make it out of mom's basement today, even to walk the dog 7:49.

  10. I see @ 7:21 is still having his recurring sexual fantasy about men performing on goats, while he wishes he was there.

  11. Thank you Bill, and next up we have Elmer Fudd. Elmer what is your take on this Trump stuff?

  12. Well gosh and golly I jus like I dunno!

  13. Thanks Elmer and next up we have professor is it Crackedskee?

  14. Trump was the first president to campaign on pro gay marriage. He's not anti gay or racist, but people out there who make money on dividing people say he is,which is sad. Few realize this

  15. Thank you professor and now were going to take a call from Coon, uh, oh wait is it Boone County?

  16. TAMMEUS IS BLIND TO HIS OWN PREJUDICE (what else is new?)

    Bill Tammeus, who writes on his liberal interpretation of religion and society, once again fails to offer an even-handed analysis. See if you can follow his disjointed ramblings.

    He opens with comments concerning atheism, then quickly pivots to another writer's juxtaposition of Trump versus Social Justice reformers, then loops back to the declaration that no human exists without a religion of some sort. Did you follow that? Did he make a good case for the argument? Did he even try?

    Next up, Tammeus feigns ignorance as to why "more than 80 percent of people who identify as Christian evangelicals voted for Donald Trump." Blind to his own prejudice, Tammeus utters not a peep about the 2016 Democratic Party nominee and her personal relationship with Satan. How convenient.

    For any wayward sheep still taking Tammeus seriously, he gently guides them up the ramp to receive the liberal offering of a bolt-gun to their skull. "..many Evangelicals are among the holiest...they have turned to idols...their blasphemous belief...a cult called Trump." Again, absolutely no mention of his own cult worship of the false Messiah known as former President Barack Obama.

    Tammeus is a religion propagandist promoting anti-Christian values commonly espoused by the liberal Democrats. Rarely does he have an original thought, relying instead upon name-dropping and citing others works.

  17. Admiral Caskey Canuck Fontelroy12/13/18, 10:17 AM

    ^^^^ You forgot to include a mic drop on that one sir.


    Bill you just got ROASTED!

  18. Wow, people saw a man who owed no allegiance to party, called out the traitors and make promises to religions that he would not tolerate discrimination. Religion has been constrained by IRS threat, intolerant left attacks and media. I think they see through the leftists dogma and held their noses in hope. Not the same hope from Obummer

  19. Evangelicals raised on TV ministries conning them fell for a reality TV show. Not shocking.

    They have been lied to by Osteen and others about a prosperity faith. Those false prophets preaching a false gospel are the devil and Trump is just another get rich quick con-artist exploiting it.

    The Evangelicals fake religion and this fake president are completely aligned in their lies. Note the Kavanaugh pro-abortion vote in favor of Planned Parenthood this week.

    Real Christians aren't fooled by Trump. It's not too late to repent. Judgment day will be interesting.


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