The newspaper claims that "violent crime dropped substantially in 2018" and what they're doing is cherry picking stats in order to tout progress that isn't there . . . It's all fun and games that is mostly used for political rhetoric until locals go jogging one night.

Reality, car crime is up, reports of shootings are up, home burglaries are up and while these may not be documented as "violent" they're an indication that life in this town is getting more dangerous as the middle-class suburbanite hacks at the fading daily newspaper feign concern.

Homicides, other violent crimes decreased in KC in 2018 | The Kansas City Star

Violent crime dropped substantially in 2018 in Kansas City compared to last year. But the homicide rate remains too high, and police have more work to do at the grassroots level to stop the bloodshed.


  1. It's all good in Dave Helling's hood. That's the only thing that matters.

  2. And your stats to disprove them are...where? We should just take your word it?

  3. ^^^^ KCPD has stats that actually prove TKC's point. Don't make us do your homework for you.

    Or you can just pull your head out, look outside and take a more pleasant whiff.

  4. Jim Claxton NKC12/31/18, 10:08 AM

    KC ranked 6th most dangerous city in the nation by the FBI unified crime report. I trust their stats more than KCPD or the KC star.

  5. people still read the newspaper? LOL!

  6. Homicides are not down yet.

    The night is still young!

  7. Nobody believes the red star any more, the only reason it’s still around is because sLIE gives them our tax money so he can use them to lie for him

  8. Was this article written by the star or the mayor's office. It's hard to tell anymore.

  9. They down a little bit, motherfucker, but, yeah, other people, KCMO leadership need to clean up our mess! We kill each other, rob, cheat, steal, sing songs about this life, adore people who live like this... but yeah, when is anyone going to care about us, man? Huh? When will someone come fix our shit for us? That's what I'm talking about. Need a new mayor, new city council to make all of this bad stuff go away... yeah, yeah.. me, I finna not doin a damn thang.

  10. So, to review....

    The Star: Violent crime is down and here are the statistics.

    Tony: No it's not! I have no way to back that up, of course, since I have no stats of my own to support my false claim. My stooges believe me however. Isn't that good enough?

    Everybody else: loser.

  11. Yeah where are the REAL stats, not the fake ones The Star uses?


  12. Since most of the perpetrators of crime in this city are black, of course the KC Start is going to report a reduction in crime. But as soon as some white, redneck idiot kills a couple foreigners, it's all over national and international news and then they continue to blame Trump. That's just how tiny the liberal mind is.

  13. The reduction of crime in KCMO has to start at home by teaching the hoodrats the difference from right and wrong, showing them crime will not solve their problems, living in a 2 parent house, and teaching them manners and respect for others. Once the resident of the neighborhoods where the crime occurs realize this results should follow.

    Good luck getting the residents to realize this and stepping up to take responsibility. Most of them care more about their handout than what the hoodrats are doing.

  14. Bannister Mall WEST (Oak Park) shootings in 2018 up 200%.

  15. Violence and violent crime is very much on the uptick.
    KC continues to rise in per capita violent crime.
    The Star is irrelevant.
    Old people who pay $700+ a month for the Star are victims of crime- twice:
    1. So they can get grocery ads.
    2. Very very little news.
    Bonus: HS equivalence reporting. Every once in awhile a nice photo

  16. True that!
    Sports reporting is the best it’s ever been online: Bleach Reporter, Yahoo,etc.
    Was it Vahe that piled on the Chiefs for not talking about something he thought the Chiefs should talk about with regards to Hunt? Hell the Chiefs did what no one else did and fires him. Makes him look old and a Me Too Hollywood type guy... not too original.

  17. It is 1,724 per Capita as reported by 24/7 Wallstreet earlier this year for 2017. It ranked 5th and of course St Louis ranked first as the most dangerous city in America.
    Not sure how the Star got 2018 stats and where is the “ per capita”?
    Seems the reporting is a bit on the convenient and this side.

  18. "KCPD has stats that actually prove TKC's point."

    No they don't. They have stats that prove The Star's point.

    You're fucking laughable.


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