An effort hoping to curb rising violence in schools has turned into fierce debate over the most effective policy to protect students.

Today, Congressman Cleaver entered the fray with a scathing statement against the strategy from the Trump Administration.

"Putting guns in the hands of teachers is not an effective strategy and could easily lead to more senseless shootings in our schools," said Congressman Cleaver.

Moreover, the argument about making schools safe again reached critical mass when the discussion turned to previous initiatives from the Obama Administration that sought to redress inequality in punishment.

Basically, Congressman Cleaver argues that instead of focusing on gun control, the administration is calling to reverse rules intended to protect black students from disproportionate punishment.

Here's his statement in full regarding these ongoing efforts to rescind Obama-Era guidance on school discipline . . .

Congressman Cleaver’s Statement on the Federal School Safety Commission Report

(Washington, D.C.) - Congressman Emanuel Cleaver, II condemns the recently released Federal School Safety Commission Report. The Trump administration’s report is a NRA-backed proposal which recommends arming teachers instead of focusing on making schools safer.

“The report ignores a common denominator of all of the tragic school shootings our country has suffered, and that is, easy access to assault style firearms designed for war,” said Congressman Cleaver.

In 2017, there were nearly 40,000 gun deaths in the United States, the highest total in decades.

“Putting guns in the hands of teachers is not an effective strategy and could easily lead to more senseless shootings in our schools, “ said Congressman Cleaver.

The report is a missed opportunity to expand the use of evidence-based, comprehensive approaches to preventing violence in schools and building stronger relationships between students, educators, and the community. Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS), anti-bullying programs, mental health support are some of the many proven strategies to deescalate situations and help students before the get to the point of wanting to harm themselves or others.

The Commission also recommends full rescission of the Obama administration’s 2014 school discipline guidance, which assists school districts in eliminating disparities in how Black students, boys, and students with disabilities are disciplined compared to their classmates.

“The Trump Administration’s School Safety Commission Report is not only a missed opportunity to ensure every student is both safe and supported in the classroom, but it is also a blatant affront to communities of color. Its suggestion that federal civil rights enforcement — and not the prevalence of firearms ­­­­— is to blame for school shootings is baseless and wrong,” said Congressional Black Caucus Chair, Congressman Cedric Richmond (D-LA).

“We must do more to stop discrimination in our schools. This report will only cause further criminalization of students of color for non-criminal or minor offenses,” said Congressman Cleaver.

The Department of Education’s school safety report can be found here.

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  1. Guns for teachers is a dumb idea. Not practical at all. The solution isn't real, just a twitter troll. You would think with so many school shootings over the past few years the President would think harder about the question and offer a real answer instead of just popping off with the first thing on the top of his head.

    1. ^^^^ 100% wrong.

      What Trump was saying is that teachers should have the right to defend themselves and possibly get reimbursed for providing the protection. What is wrong with paying teaching more money and protecting students? And yes, he talked about getting them the right training too. Typical liberal bias against guns that thinks this is a bad idea without looking at the other options which haven't worked so far!

    2. Will this make the students angry?

      I thought that was the big test in all things in KC. That's why we gave pizza parties in KC instead of arresting more young people who were committing violence.

  2. Trump doesn't care about education or schools. That's why he put one of his biggest donors in charge. And she doesn't know what she's doing. She's too busy trying to defend schools against grizzly bears.

  3. Anything is better than what Barry did, he screwed everything up period, WORST. PRESIDENT. EVAR.

  4. What they have in common Mr. Cleavage is involvement with Doctors and prescription drugs:

  5. Anybody want to take a guess at the causes of the "racial disparity" of students who are expelled?
    Could it possibly be the behavior of the individuals?
    Taking the point of view that folks can behave any way they want early in their young lives just reinforces that same behavior as kids get older.
    In fact, the behavior becomes worse and worse.
    Then the claims of profiling and racism follow.
    Next thing you know, year after year, you have over 100 people killing each other over nothing much at all in a little town of just 470,000 residents.
    Comments like Cleaver's are a big part of the destruction of his community.

  6. Cleaver's underlying assumption is students commit in school crimes and rule violations strictly in proportion to their race. So when black students get suspended or disciplined way more than white or Hispanic students, it must be racism. Studies by SJW researchers that conclude whites get away with more than blacks in school do not compare apples with apples; they treat non-violent infractions (talking back) the same as violent infractions (assaulting a teacher), the goal being to demonstrate racism. Cleaver could have spent his time and talents trying to turn around the ghetto culture. Instead, he has used his position as just another gimmee free stuff politician.

  7. The Rev. Cleaver doesn't care about your kids or schools, if he did he would have fixed KCMO public schools long ago.
    And why should race matter when doling out punishments for bad behavior at school? Cleaver would take disciplinary matters out of the hands of teachers and let kids run wild. No wonder our schools are a mess.

  8. So clever admits black students are more disruptive in schools Why is that? It’s that way after school years. They get caught and not prosecuted until the 15th arrest. By then it’s murder and then they were turning their lives around,or they were at the wrong place at 230am.

  9. Once again Cleaver turns to racial politics. Over and over and over and over.......

    If cleaver was honest just one day to the public and said the number one problem facing black children in KCMO is single parent fatherless homes I would donate money to him. He doesnt have the balls to be truthful like that.

    1. A lot of truth to this comment @8:00. A hard fact to face bit you don't get anywhere by just denying it.

  10. I may not agree with what Cleaver is trying to do. But admit it, the Trump plan is stupid. Making teachers carry weapons to school to protect against mass shootings is one of the dumbest ideas that a president has ever put forward. It's just childish thinking and I can't believe that anybody sat down and committed the dumb idea to paper. Actual paper not just a blog post or newspaper article that we all read online. But somebody sat down and wrote this ridiculous plan in a paper document that was distributed throughout the capital. Imagine the forest that had to lay down its life so we could read about a plan that will never be implemented and has no place in the educational system. Really just talkin about a glorified tweet that he probably wrote on the toilet. I'm no Obama fan that guy was full of dumb ideas as well but making teachers carry guns when most of them don't even want to is possibly a sign that an impeachment wouldn't be such a bad thing.

  11. Save The Plaza12/19/18, 8:30 PM

    If you want to see what Cleaver is education policies result in look no further than the unaccredited Kansas City Public School District. That is fact.

  12. Good to hear from carwash. Haven't had much to say lately. Never hear his name mentioned on national news. Here he's big fish/small pond. There he's "who???".

    Black students are all well behaved and eager to learn. It's those white and Asian privileged kids who disrupt classes, beat up teachers and such. Black kids do that and their daddys will whup them.

  13. Clever. I agree with this politics but I will say that he has lost a ton of credibility with his support for the 18th and Vine district.


    Truth be told, Carwash has always been one to talk about others need for civility, while he himself feels free to spout out a diatribe of divisiveness.

    He has two points here, and is wrong on both counts!

    Firstly, he opposes the option of teachers being armed. Of course, as proposed, this is only a voluntary option for those teachers who are properly screened and trained. No one is talking about the compulsory service of teachers as school security officers. Congressman Carwash and other effete representatives want the public to think otherwise.

    Secondly, Carwash is aghast that someone seeks to rescind the racist Obama administration school discipline guidelines that hold boys and black students to a lesser standard of civility. The implication from Congressman Carwash is that boys and blacks (especially black boys) are inherently more violent and uncontrollable than their peers, and that to hold them accountable for their actions is to victimize them unfairly. Yes, every good social scientist knows that enabling bad behavior in juveniles (particularly violence) doesn't set in motion a repetitive cycle of escalating violence...NOT! Do you think Congressman Carwash is aware that KCMO is a national leader in homicides? And that a majority of KC's homicide perpetrators and victims are young black males?


  15. It’s his standard line, when you have no clue, cry racism, it is his only way of staying in politics, keep getting voted in by his people by telling them that whitey is evil and wants to hold them down.

  16. Discipline is a big problem in KC schools. We need MORE not less. It's a shame that even sending a student to dentition is now a federal case. That sets back teachers. Trump is right.

  17. The black guy I was walking behind stopped, turned and asked “Are you following me?”
    – “No”, I said “You’ve got evolution all mixed up.”

  18. Where I live we all have ten guns and we don't kill each other in KILLA city everyone hates guns but still loves killing each other with them in short that tells me you all are a bunch of animal bitches and should have your guns confiscated immediately like Pittsburgh is getting ready to do. Enjoy you cunt liberals

  19. 848 is as stupid as boo cleaver

  20. Trump sold you out on the wall, there's no use defending him anymore.


    Here wud it spoze da be, y'all---

    According to Carwash ("Won't Be Throwed") Clueless Cleaver he's saying to hell with the whitey and Uncle Tom ways of proven and successful formal education. Fair and firm methods of discilpine at schools is just soooo very proper and not cool, fool. Acceptable standards of academic achievements are "wayz tahred", and rushes the black students too much, who want to keep to their "colored people's time" schedules.

    So, EC in DC obviously prefers all school personnel to take special training that requires them to interact with students of color with cultural sensitivity. Administration, instructors, coaches, volunteers, lunch-ladies, janitorial, and security staff will be required to converse with black students just like they own mamas (or, grandmamas) be doing at home. For example, a disruptive pupil may be yelled at with: "Aww, hell no! Ima smack you hard, boy! Don't make me get up and come over there! Yeah, you're laughing now. In 'bout two seconds yo' azz gonna be cryin'. Git yo' big mouth zip awl da way cloze, nigguh! You wanna end up behind bars like yo' no-count daddy?! You bet not walk outta here. You got yoseff another dam detention, suckah! You, hear me?! Ah, Dontavius and Kameesha, don't you two start acting fools, now. Why we gotta spend the entire class time fussin' and cussin', 'stead of getting lessons lease half way through?! Shit, it's too long til summer break git here!

  22. "Putting stoplights on freeways is not an effective strategy and could easily lead to deaths on our roads."

  23. Apparently Car wash Cleave believes discipline should be based on a quota system.

    Since a quota system is car wash Cleave's belief then there needs to be fewer blacks in basketball, baseball, football, jazz, rap music, prison, welfare, uneducated, free handout lines, drug dealing, criminals, car thieves, murderers, high school dropouts, single parents, voter fraud, and the list goes on.
    At the same time their needs to be more blacks in country music, swimming, ice hockey curling, NASCAR, graduating from college, golf, employed soccer, bowling, and the list goes on.

    Anybody with an IQ higher than a car wash can clearly see a quota system does not work.

  24. 12:35 = Ebonics Grand Prize Winner!


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