Monday, December 17, 2018

This Is The Last Christmas For Sprint

The Golden Ghetto HQ is going the way of the Dodo and local media is terrified of what that means for thousands of good paying JoCo jobs . . . Sadly, the march toward ACQUISITION (not merger) continues . . . Checkit:

T-Mobile and Sprint merger officially cleared by US national security panel, still needs FCC & DOJ approval - 9to5Mac

It was reported on Friday that T-Mobile and Sprint would likely receive approval from U.S. national security officials for their $26 billion merger. The Wall Street Journal reports that T-Mobile was granted approval for its takeover of Sprint today after "several months of negotiation with company representatives."


Anonymous said...

So what is going to happen to the Sprint campus?

Anonymous said...

A massive migration of inner-city residents into converted Section 8 housing, what else could they do with it?

Anonymous said...

A good chunk of the campus is leased out to other businesses. That will continue until there's maybe a few buildings for T-MO post merger.