The Kansas City Thursday Morning Look

The legacy of one of our all-time faves endures. Take a peek:

HT: Elizabeth Hurley Is 53 And An Instagram Model

Daily Mail: Elizabeth Hurley, 53, flaunts her flawless figure in a neon bikini as she shares very busty selfie

SunUK: Great-granny, 91, gushes about ‘wonderful’ sex life with 31-year-old toyboy

Closer to home, these links are dominating our news morning . . .

4 Of These Items Are Booze
Fives necessities to survive a midwestern winter
Dead-Tree Church Chat

Evangelical Vineyard Church sends pastor to rehab with love | The Kansas City Star

Congregation members of the Vineyard Church in Kansas City's Northland were expecting regular worship services on the weekend before Thanksgiving, but they got troubling news instead.

Taste Kansas City BBQ Tech

Have you tried ALL the BBQ restaurants in KC?

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - How many of Kansas City's barbecue restaurants would you say you've visited? Half of them? More than half? Well, there's an app for that. Visit KC is trying to help you up your barbecue number with its new app called the Kansas City BBQ Experience.

Kansas City Sketchy Last Wishes

KC family shocked after mother's suspicious last will leaves everything to pastor

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Beatrice Allen was a mother and a grandmother, hard working and fiercely religious. When she died last September at the age of 90, her family struggled to accept that she would no longer be part of their lives.

Another Inner Suburban Scam

Prairie Village police issue warning about survey company mail scam

The Prairie Village Police Department is issuing a warning about a scam involving mail saying it's from a survey company. Police said a Mission Hills, Kansas, resident received instructions for this scam in the mail. Documents state they are from a survey company that is evaluating customer service.

Kansas City Newsie Head Check

41 Files: What might counseling for Kareem Hunt look like?

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The fallout from Friday's release of a video showing former Kansas City Chiefs running back Kareem Hunt shoving and kicking a woman at a Cleveland hotel in February now includes questions about how the investigation was handled.

Morning Weather Warning

First Alert: Morning snow, temps turn colder

Light snow showers to begin your Thursday. A dusting up to a half an inch is possible for Kansas City. The rest of your day will be cloudy, and then becoming p...

It's Always The Hipster Weekend

Holiday-Flavored Macarons, Charlie Brown at Worlds of Fun & Other Weekend Possibilities

Winter has its own food group. Dive into hot chocolate and caramel popcorn and all the foods that let you add a bit of cold weather insulation at WinterFest. Decorate cookies with Mrs. Claus, pop by the North Pole or catch Charlie Brown's Christmas Spectacular. The winter-themed celebration runs through Dec.

Collective Soul - December is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


  1. I’d screw that’s Liz Hurley gal real deep and hard, yessiree. I’d screw her all night.

  2. ^^^^^^ Said the limp dick.

  3. Visit KC is using its app called the Kansas City BBQ Experience to keep track of the 25 million anally visitors to KCMO.

  4. ^^What's "anally" retard? In addition to posting worthless drivel, you can't even spell. Go away loser. You're boring and have nothing to say.

    1. You need to get up to speed


    ... senior pastor Fred Herron who is in treatment for addiction, dependency and moral failure.

    But church leaders refuse to discuss specifics with congregation.

    Cocaine and Prostitutes?
    Meth with his homosexual lover?
    Porn and kids?

    Oftentimes, the cover-up is worst than the crime.

  6. @9:33 you stupid ass - @8:42 was referring to the spoof sign that has been circulation the internet since last summer and has been posted and cited here dozens of times since it was created!

    For heaven's sake, get some sort of clue about the World before you make a total ass of yourself trying to spout your petty little spite on this blog!

    Better still go back to watching kiddie porn on the Library computer and STFU!

  7. ^^Whats anally though?

  8. ^^^^^ It's where your head is!

  9. Thank god for the spelling bitch

  10. whatever you do don't tarnish the image of the cult.

  11. Das Pervertus12/6/18, 7:37 PM

    All you Elizabethan Fanatics should view the 1987 video "Aria"!
    The Bruce Beresford directed segment "Die Todt Stadt" features a 22-year-old Liz, certainly not overdressed (starkers) and very lovingly filmed.



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