Thursday, December 20, 2018

The Kansas City Pre-X-Mas News Package

On the topic of #TBT celebs and newsworthy pop culture . . .

TMZ: Farrah Abraham to Bristol Palin You're Jealous of Me And You're a Wimp So Leave 'Teen Mom'!!!

Too Fab: Romeo Calls Out Farrah Abraham for Being 'Bad and Boujee' on 'Ex on the Beach'

In Touch: Farrah Abraham Looks Provocative In Pink In Raunchy New Christmas Photoshoot

Closer to home, these news links power our tonight . . .

TKC Reader Reminder: Guy Who Sang 'Christmas In Kansas City' Killed Himself

Christmas Music Madness: Help pick Kansas City's ultimate holiday song

With the holiday season here, a lingering question always emerges: What is the greatest Christmas song of all time? To get the answer to this burning question, KMBC 9 turned to its resident music aficionado, chief meteorologist Bryan Busby.

Newspaper Nagging

Top your new year by being kind to Mom | The Kansas City Star

It may be a small pet peeve to you, but to columnist Susan Vollenweider, it's a big deal.

Heartland Cash Crunch Report

Reports show schools, governments lax on requesting unclaimed money

A KMBC 9 News investigation has uncovered hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars going unclaimed by school districts, local and state governments in both Kansas and Missouri.

2019 KCPD Tribute

Many Kansas City police officers to wear commemorative badges in 2019

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- Many Kansas City police officers will be wearing new badges in the new year. Members of the Kansas City Police Historical Society designed the temporary commemorative badges to mark the 145th anniversary of the police department. Officer were given the option to purchase the badges to wear from Jan.

Average Cowtown Appraisal

Seg. 1: Economist Says Kansas City's Size Is Just Right. Seg. 2: Listeners' Favorite Holiday Lights.

Kansas City, Missouri, isn't as big or as dense as New York or Los Angeles, which may be a good thing, according to economist Jordan Rappaport. Having the amenities of a major city without some of the difficulties (long commutes, expensive real estate) makes metropolises like Kansas City a great location for businesses and residents.

Old School Foodie Reprise

The new Golden Ox has gracefully revived its predecessor's midcentury traditions - and then some

Zach Bauman After so many meals spent in industrial-chic dining rooms where waiters in butcher's aprons deliver $18 small plates of tarragon-infused chicken gizzards - well, let's just say that certain "new American" tropes have started to feel a little old. The Golden Ox, a recently resurrected steakhouse in the West Bottoms, offers a welcome balm for weary palates.

Classic Kansas City Real Estate

New site focuses on Porter Farm area around 27th and Troost

While luxury homes, redeveloped commercial buildings, and new families are moving into Kansas City's central core, the rich history of the Porter Farm District is in danger of being overlooked, demolished and ever lost to history. I've teamed up with William Session, a Kansas City resident who grew up in the area, on the new Porter Farm District Preservation Project.

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Anonymous said...

Reports show schools, governments lax on requesting unclaimed money.

If KCMO and KCPS claimed their unclaimed money there would be no need for Slie's pre-K tax.

Anonymous said...

How many new police officers could be on the streets if the KCPD didn't have "145 year" commemorative badges? These type of things don't come cheap and who ever has heard of commemorating 145 years? It is usually just for every 50 years past the first 100 years something is done (150, 200, 250 etc). Another waste of taxpayer money.

Anonymous said...

KCPD has to much money if they bejewel their badges