The Kansas City Midweek Workout

Hottie Jordan is now a fitness babe and not a glam model yet her body of work inspires these helpful & healthy news links during the holiday season of eating:

NYT: How Exercise May Make Us Healthier

Time: Diet and Exercise Might Reverse Aging in the Brain

NS: Exercise may lower high blood pressure as much as medication

Closer to home, this news dominates our right now . . .

Kansas City Reading List

Suspense And Politics: What Library Tastes Tell Us About Kansas City In 2018

Midwest readers provide a good barometer for what's popular in books around the country, according to some library officials. So what topped the non-fiction and fiction lists at Kansas City-area libraries in 2018? Prolific novelists such as James Patterson and John Grisham continued to be popular in fiction along with some first-time authors.

More Payday Consequences

Kansas broker-dealer faces felony in Scott Tucker payday scam | The Kansas City Star

Central States Capital Markets, based in Prairie Village, faces a criminal charge that claims the broker-dealer failed to report suspicious activities of of disgraced Kansas City payday loan tycoon Scott Tucker.

Cowtown Craft Booze News

Tap List | 12 Beers of Christmas & an Invitation To a Puppy Party

Forget partridges. Forget pear trees. Tapcade (1701 McGee St., Suite 200) is celebrating 12 Boulevard Beers of Christmas through Monday, Dec. 24. Each day features a new, limited-release Boulevard beer (Saison Brett is today, Rye on Rye 2017 is Friday) for $4.50, alongside specials on more than a dozen other Boulevard beers.

Boozy Plan Ahead

Reminder: Kansans can't buy liquor on Christmas

Here's a friendly reminder that if you want to enjoy liquor on Christmas Day in Kansas, you'll need to buy it in advance. Kansas state law states no person may sell, offer for sale or deliver any liquor on Christmas Day. On the other side of the state line, you can purchase liquor in Missouri on Christmas.

Show-Me Lost & Found
Woman's tiny house was reported stolen, then found 30 miles away
Sound Of Late Metal

Doom metal, comic books, interplanetary conspiracies: the culty world of They Watch Us From the Moon

I turn my recorder on, and The General Shane Thirteen - leader and guitarist of doom metal squadron They Watch Us From the Moon - almost immediately commences an attempt to indoctrinate me. "We were an Earth-bound rock 'n' roll band who were invited to play a world rock 'n' roll showcase, happening at the Giza Plateau, in front of the pyramids in Egypt," he says.

Kansas City QB Cashes In On Fanboy Love With Low Rent Deal
Report: Patrick Mahomes to announce Hunt's Ketchup endorsement deal
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