Wednesday, December 12, 2018

The Kansas City Midweek Roundup

More than anything, news of this high fashion hottie concerns us most . . .

HT: Emily Ratajkowski Is The Queen

Vouge: Emily Ratajkowski on why you can be both a sexy and empowering feminist

PopSugar: Emily Ratajkowski's Bikini Bottom Is Covered in Lucky Charms, So a Top Just Isn't Necessary

Closer to home, these news links are worth a look tonight . . .

Cowtown Questions Revealed

Google releases 2018 top searches for Kansas City

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- Google has released their Year in Search results, celebrating the most unique searches across news, politics, film, entertainment, sports and more throughout 2018.

Plaza Demolition Roundup After TKC

Historic Kansas City Scrambles To Put A Hold On Plans To Demolish Country Club Plaza Church

A plan to demolish a prominent church on the Country Club Plaza and replace it with a 12-story, mixed-use project is unfolding as the latest historic preservation battle over the soul of the venerable district.

Talking Trash In Northeast

Northeast neighborhood leaders speak to City Council regarding criminal scrappers, saying history is being 'scraped away from us'

Mary Cyr, Director of Northeast Alliance Together (NEAT) spoke at the City Council's Neighborhoods and Public Safety Committee today, saying the scrap metal ordinance is important to the Historic Northeast community because vacant homes are prey to criminal scrappers, resulting in them not being feasible rehab projects and are ultimately demolished.

Watching Doggie Recovery
Local shelter asking for donations after rescuing badly burned 6-week-old puppy
Kansas City Fashion Statement

Chiefs to wear red-on-red against the Chargers Thursday night

The Kansas City Chiefs have announced they will be wearing their red-on-red uniforms for Thursday Night Football against the Los Angeles Chargers. It will be the second time this season they've worn these uniforms and the ninth since the uniforms were first introduced in 2013. The Chiefs are now 5-3 when wearing red-on-red.

KSHB Wants To look Like TKC

Why we redesigned the website

KANSAS CITY, MO - Notice something different around Starting December 12th, will have a brand new look and feel. It's Faster. Brighter. And easier to navigate. You'll still get all the up-to-the-minute breaking news, accurate weather and in-depth investigations, but in a new package.

Fanboy Festival Announcement

Salvy, Duffy, Merrifield headline Royals Fan Fest Jan. 25-26 at Bartle Hall

Royals star catcher Salvador Perez, pitcher Danny Duffy and infielder Whit Merrifield are among more than a dozen players who will join manager Ned Yost at Royals Fan Fest Jan. 25-26 at the Kansas City Convention Center's Bartle Hall. The Royals released a partial list of players attending the event Wednesday but promised more names will be announced soon.

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

Chiefs should wear their all red uniform at every home game. Why is it such a big deal to wear them?

Also, did you see the KCTV5 story about the GM Fairfax plant operating well below capacity? They make the Chevy Malibu there. A shit car. GM just sucks in general. Decades of cheap plastic vehicles.

Anonymous said...

Are there no people of faith on the plaza?

geezer said...

Top Google searches pretty well confirms this voter's opinion of denizens of KC. If somehow WWII started with this pool of military age citizenry, we would be speaking Japanese or German today.

Anonymous said...

Well we can't all be looking for "Bargain Depends" on our browers like you over there, Einstein.

Anonymous said...

I HATE those red on red uniforms. They look like elves.

Anonymous said...

It's not about faith, it's about demographics. The people who built that church have all died off. The architecture is freakish and does not qualify as "historical". If you want to see a church go to Olathe.