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Forgive the brief pause given X-mas visions on Candice dancing in our head . . . Right now we've still got more than a few items to consider this morning but here are some news stories we wanted to share that don't fit anywhere else but are still worth a look:

Kansas City Junkie Scavenger Crackdown: Committee approves new regulations of tow operators, scrap metal sales

Show-Me Horrible Charges Against This Missouri Hipster: Baby left home alone while father steals 4 bottles of vodka in Manchester, police say

Granny Seyz GOP Fix No Good: Kelly predicts Kansas voters would reject Republican school funding amendment 

Show-Me Real Life War On Christmas: Missouri town reconsidering removal of Christian cross in Christmas display

The Newbie Surprise Winner Agenda: Sharice Davids, preparing to take House office, reveals her priorities for her first 100 days in Washington

Kansas City Youngster Hobo House Under Construction: New $6 million housing center for homeless teens in the works

Missouri Health Moment: Additional Illnesses Hurt Survival Chances For Missouri Breast Cancer Patients

Local TV News Kindness: Viewers help pay woman’s water bill after seeing FOX4 Problem Solver story

New Madrid Reminder: Missouri at risk for a serious Earthquake, experts say

Local Stroll Caution: ‘It felt like a freight train’: KC man seriously injured in hit-and-run crash while walking home

Kansas City Christmas Story: zTrip driver’s son says it’s “a miracle” his mom survived being shot more than 20 times

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  1. Ahhhh the ole Missouri earthquake that will kill millions is in the news again. I do believe you have a better chance of being wiped out by a tornado in Missouri or a hateful black man with a gun before an earthquake will get you.

  2. ^^^ That might be true but you also need to be careful when you get out of the shower old man. Make sure you install one of those handle bars.

  3. ^^^^^^^^Least he probably owns his own shower and not having to go up the stairs to use his parents shower because he does not live in his parents basement as you do. Plus I am betting if he is an old man his pension this year paid him more than you have made the past five years.

  4. Oh snap!!!! 10:14 Got knocked the fuck out!!!!!!!!

  5. 10:14's just lashing out because he can't get off to anything but geriatric gay porn.


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