Teaching Fight Against Kansas Hate Groups

Upcoming talk offers perspective on the rise of local hate groups that's, sadly and unfortunately, fostered by a great many d-bags in the comments playing keyboard tough guy and subsequently earning a place on Federal watch lists because they don't know how the Internets works.

Take a look:

Washburn University professor to speak about countering hate crimes, mass violence

A Washburn University professor will speak about countering identity-based violence during a special lecture.Annie Miller, assistant professor of political science, will give a presentation from 2 to 3 p.m. Monday, Dec.


  1. Just what we need. More agitprop from Progressives and threats from the Feds about "The Watch List" that contribute to the false narrative of White violence.

    What a fuckin goddamned joke.

    I wonder if she will mention Anti-Fa or MS 13. or "Black Lives Matter"?

    Fuck no, just the usual lies, exaggerations, obfuscations and specious bullshit along with now, the threat of "The Watch List" for people who believe their lying eyes as opposed to the talking points of the day from the lying lickspittle media, the Deep State, our local and national politicians and "community activists".

    If you are worried about going out of your front door because of the threat of "violence", it sure as fuck isn't because of white boys.

  2. Yep. Funny how they didn't mention the Democratic party such as Maxine waters blm the black on white hate Obama's rev. Wright nation of Islam and the list goes on. Are they on the watch list.

  3. I forgot La Raza, the Crips, Bloods and literally tens of thousands of gangs populated by NON-WHITE people that inflict agony on us all, day in and day out all over the nation. But sure dumbasses, pretend that there are KKK members behind every bush and they are hanging poor innocent minorities in trees that are helping little old ladies across the street.

    What a fuckin joke.

    By the way, head on up, anytime, to Omaha and enjoy the diversity (It's a fuckin disaster.) that Omaha enjoys with the 100,000 Somali immigrants that Obama imported to help make that previously safe city "Vibrant".

    America hates you white boy and this dumb ass propaganda is the heel on your throat. It's just like Oprah says, she can't (Along with everyone else.) wait for "White people to die off."

    You listen long enough and you will hear what people in this country want and they want you dead whitey.

    At least Farrakhan is honest.

    We are dead in black on white hate crimes that will in NO WAY BE DISCUSSED AT WASHBURN UNIVERSITY EVAR!!!!!!

    Maybe we were on the Federal "Watch List" and that is why no one cares.

  4. Epic Beard Man12/2/18, 9:10 AM

    "It's OK to be White" is now a phrase that's considered "hate speech" on college campuses across the country. This ambitious Colorado transplant will simply parrot (((ADL))) and (((SPLC))) anti-white narratives to her (likely sparse) audience. Happy Hanukkah, (((Annie Miller))).

  5. Fuck the "Federal Watch List".

    Commissars on every corner literally and on social media along with Progressive neighbors are no doubt now, as in the Cultural Revolution (And today's China, where that scumbag Zuckerberg is helping the Chinese assign "points" to citizens that will dictate their social and economic standing and status based on acquiescence to the brute, innate power of the Communist Imperium.) "watching" me to make sure I bend my knee to the new Progressive gods who now rule over us all by way the Liberal Media, Academe, Social Media, Hollywood and our 'enlightened' politicians who guide us down the road to "Metropolis".

    Fuck off you Fascist pieces of shit.

  6. KC Cares For You12/2/18, 9:18 AM

    Chuck you need help. You seem dangerous and out of sorts. Please try to talk to somebody about these destructive feelings you're having before you do anything. I hope it's helping you to type out your aggression. Please use this site as a place to vent but realize that you can't get help here.

    Think about seeing a professional to talk about your problems. It gets better.

  7. 9:18 Eat shit.

    I tell the truth and your answer is to attack me for my "Destructive feelings"?

    Address the objective reality that is directly in front of your eyes.

    What did I type that was untrue?

    Not one thing. Your answer is to silence me and others who don't buy into your false narrative and threaten your emotional attachment to that same narrative.

    It is YOU that are like so many other Manchurian Candidates that walk our streets, live in our neighborhoods, surrounded with the news of the latest murders here in this town, the categorical evidence, video, film, pictures, anecdotal evidence, testimony to infinity, and, yet, believe that the threats in our every day lives are from White People.

    I'm not nuts, YOU ARE!

    It's right in front of your face. The perps, with few exceptions, are NOT white.

    You have been, as have most Americans brainwashed into believing a false, specious narrative that is designed to encourage you to vote for Progressives who need non white votes to get elected. P.E.R.I.O.D.

    Wake the fuck up!!!

    It's all about power and money. You are being used.

  8. Calm down Chuck, just breathe.

    It's not as dark as it seems. You will be okay, there is help for you and no one is attacking you. There are so many people willing to talk with you about the pain and frustration you are obviously feeling. Just ask.

    There is hope, it's not so bad and we all want the best for you.

  9. 9:18 = 10 watt bulb between the ears. No hope Chuck, just leave her behind, you can't help them.

  10. I think Chuck makes some damn good points. Don't be a patronizing prick @9:39.

    Let the dude rant and talk about this issues. When you make it personal, you lose.

    Chuck is on point a lot more than most. One of my favorite commenters!

  11. As usual, Chuck for the win!!!

  12. OMG yes feelings are so like superior to thinking it's like..

  13. What?
    Run that by me again, Hemingway

  14. “I actually think that’s the biggest hindrance to preventing mass casualty violence,” Miller said. “I think our communities have to be much, much more open to loving people with very different beliefs, and that’s my biggest concern politically, socially, culturally, really, for our country moving forward.”

    I'd like to believe that she's referring to those in Antifa and BLM who are physically attacking anyone with a different opinion than their established narrative, but I think we all know it's exactly the opposite.

  15. Most of this "there's a Nazi hiding under every rock" hype is nothing more than a fundraising ploy for the Southern Poverty Law Center and other similar groups.
    When you're a hammer, the whole world's a nail, and if you view every event through the same lenses it's not surprising that you reach the same conclusions time after time.
    Just follow the money.

  16. Black college lacrosse player, 21, is arrested for spraying N-word and swastika graffiti targeting HIMSELF and other minority students in two incidents that terrorized the campus

    * Fynn Ajani Arthur, 21, was charged with two counts of malicious destruction of property on Thursday night in Baltimore County, Maryland
    * He allegedly scrawled swastikas, the letters 'KKK' and names of specific individuals - including himself- in a Goucher College dorm twice last month
    * Goucher officials condemned Arthur's actions and banned him from campus
    * Minority students say the graffiti incidents are only a symptom of a larger race problem on the campus in Towson

    His arrest came after graffiti aimed at black and Latino students was found on the second floor of a campus dorm, one floor above where similar graffiti had been found on November 14, Goucher College administrators said in a statement.

    Both incidents that shook the Towson campus involved backward swastikas and targeted specific individuals, according to the statement. 

    Thursday's graffiti depicted swastikas, the letters 'KKK' and appeared to include the last names of four black students, including Arthur. The previous graffiti reportedly said all 'n*****s' on campus would be killed.

    [link to www.dailymail.co.uk (secure)]

  17. The problem is liberal ideas that try to separate us into groups rather than treat people as individuals

  18. THIS is the future for whites in America.

    Written by a Jewish, Progressive who marched against Apartheid in South Africa and then lived through the aftermath.


  19. I hate this dumb cunt from Washburn fake school


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