Friday, December 28, 2018

Surviving Kansas City 2019 Amateur Night

A guide to some of this town's most mundane and worthless gatherings that aren't nearly as much fun as clowning celebrities and social media jerks with people that you actually like . . . Take a look:

Sympathetic Vibrations | Avoiding the New Year's Eve Dud

Whether you plan months in advance or you try to throw something together at the last minute, the odds are that your New Year's Eve is going to suck. And that's not your fault. We unfairly build up the holiday as the remedy to all of our holiday ails.


Anonymous said...

Please, firre your celibitory shots into the ground not in the air.

Anonymous said...

^^check! Make sure you stay under the bed pops!

Anonymous said...

Sympathetic Vibrations sounds like the hipsters will be using dead dildos during their celebration.

Anonymous said...

^^You sound like a pathetic alcoholic loser so there!