Survey Seyz Smallish Kansas City Toy Train Streetcar Improves Accessibility

Turns out, bullying motorists makes life easier for people with special needs . . . Here's the link tease & more info for subscribers on this bit of promotional transit news. Checkit:

KC's job transit accessibility - Kansas City Business Journal

Kansas City had the highest year-over-year growth in job accessibility by transit in the Midwest and U.S. overall, according to analysis conducted by CBRE. The commercial real estate and investment firm's findings were based on a study conducted by the University of Minnesota. CBRE's 2018 Midwest U.S.


  1. Yup, let’s waste hundreds of millions of dollars and inconvenience a couple hundred thousand people a day for 10 people, makes perfect sense doesn’t it.

    Good try gopher boi, but we aren’t stupid, we know it’s you begging for excuses for the worthless toy train.

  2. Any report or study will proclaim whatever the city pays for.

    "It just highlights how much of a success the streetcar has been." When people have to pay to ride the fair weather toy train ridership will drastically drop. One cannot say the fair weather toy train is a success. It really is a taxpayers money pit.

  3. ^^have you ever been on it? I have. It's always busy. Maybe get out of your hovel and experience it for yourself dummy.


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