Snow Dusting Monday Means Greater Chance Of Death On Garbage Kansas City Streets

Even the most minor Kansas City weather event means that a horrific death involving twisted steel is more likely because this town has neglected local streets for the past 8 years and then some . . .

And so we share these local weather and climate links so that we might contemplate whatever time we have left as we wait under the cover of clouds as the polluted crystal tears of the sky fall upon us . . .

Don't mock, ur mom loves it when I get sentimental early in the morning . . . Check the links:

Joe Lauria: Cloudy with a few snow flakes possible at any time. Cold again with highs in the upper 20s to near 30°

Lezak: There are two storm systems we are tracking later in the week, the biggest one is being monitored closely for next weekend

Erin Or Maybe Katie's Weekend Leftover: High temperatures will hover around freezing Monday

BBC: Climate change - 'World at crossroads' warning as key talks begin

Guardian: 'We are last generation that can stop climate change' – UN summit

Nacho, Manuel Turizo - Déjalo is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .

Developing . . .


  1. Aw, very sweet.

    You should started another hallmark. People like warm fuzzies way more than pussy jokes!

    1. The streets are fine in JoCo. A dusting is just a dusting when elected officials listen to their constituents and get their priorities straight.

  2. ^^^^^ Quit porn.

    Be your best self!

  3. Your pretty good at making shit up now Tony. Credit due.

  4. Oh No! So much death out there! People dead on the streets! Oh no. Oh the horror! My God, why? Why?

  5. We laugh at man's self important demand to address climate change. China is the world's greatest polluter and there's nothing we can do to alter that.

  6. China and India have more coal fired power plants under construction or planned than we do coal fired power plants. None of the signatory nations to the Paris Agreement have met their CO2 reduction goals, modest though they were. But the USA has accomplished significant CO2 reductions by switching to natural gas.

    When the rest of the world, including those bleating the loudest, demonstrate that they really believe in catastrophic CO2 caused climate change by significantly reducing their CO2 output, then and only then should we consider joining the effort.


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