Smart City Hype Endures 2018

Kansas City still ranks as one of the smartest cities in the nation for those eager and optimistic souls still pushing creative class and tech hype despite modest gains among local startups that mostly include social life cash given away to entertain corporate suits.

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Smart cities in 2018: Tech, transportation and tough conversations

Below are our most popular posts on SmartCitiesWorld in 2018, highlighting smart city priority areas such as transportation, governance and partnerships. For me, the most interesting thing in smart cities this year has been more open discussion around the social risks of smart cities and practical moves to address them.


  1. There is nothing smart about allowing tech to data mine your life 24/7 and sell it off to advertisers and probably even the russian mafia.

  2. If we be so smart than why are we the fifth most dangerous ghetto in the world? You’da Thunk one of dez smart som bitches would’ve figured out how’s ta stop dis mess from gettin worser.

    But hey, our streets, bridges and infrastructure suck just as bad right!


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