Sleaze Summit Teen Killer Confession

Follow-up on a brutal killing at a car wash and youngsters reportedly taking a joyride with the dead body. Take a look:

Teen pleads guilty in brutal death of Lee's Summit woman

A second teenager has pleaded guilty in the brutal stabbing death of a woman near a Lee's Summit car wash. Joshua Trigg, who is now 16, pleaded guilty Thursday to second-degree murder in the November 2015 death of Tanya Chamberlain of Lee's Summit. Trigg was 13 at the time Chamberlain was killed.


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  7. Judge sentences both teens, separately, in January 2019.

    Trigg testified his partner in the crime, acted with premeditation, stabbing the victim multiple times and slashing her throat which severed the jugular veins resulting in extreme blood loss and death.

    Both killers were captured on surveillance video. A LS teacher recognized the boys from her school and notified authorities.


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