Silly 'Denverization' Debate Captivates Newspaper Chattering Class

Let's call this one dead-tree media word games . . .

Denver Post: “Denverization” is a thing in Kansas City — and not a good thing

This terminology has captivated newspaper writers and about 3 people on facebook.

And nobody else.

Developing . . .


  1. Developers must be running out of gullible victims to screw over and rip off in Denver.

  2. Well the displaced can come here and rent what SLie's former innovation head Ashely Hand said is L.A. rents.

    Welcome back!

  3. The Star editorial team complains when Troost is neglected and they complain when it's redeveloped. You can't have it both ways. You can bet Henneberger lives in an expensive home in Brookside or a JoCo.gated community where she and her pals drink wine while bemoaning the plight of the poor and bathing in liberal white guilt.

  4. Sorry but KC doesnt have that legal reefer money to throw around

  5. Damned good looking Cheerleaders, any chance Kansas City can pick up some of Denver's rejects?
    Sure would improve things for the Chiefs!


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