Silence After Southland Teen Murder

EXCELLENT REPORT following a murder this week offers perspective on another family struck by tragedy this year and one of 120 homicides so far in 2018. Checkit:

Family devastated, looking for answers after 16-year-old dies in south KC shooting


  1. Since the boy didn’t have parents for the usual reasons and grandma took care of him, are the grandmas of killa shitty teaching these punk ass thugs how to rape, rob and murder? Can’t blame this on the absentee parents

  2. Kid shoulda' been in school.

  3. He was probably safer at home than he would have been at Ruskin Shithole Ghetto High School.

  4. ���� So sorry to hear about this! I’ve only met him once but have heard that he was well liked! My grandson had just shook his hand right before he left school, telling him to be careful. Also my son was good friends with him! ~My prayers are with his siblings, grandma & family!

  5. I guess the GO bonds didnt reach that street

  6. For the anonymous individual above speaking harshly about Ruskin, I work there. It is not a bad school. It it very safe. Top to bottom, the staff at Ruskin work hard to ensure students are in a caring and safe environment. As one of his older brothers teachers, I’m broken over this. I’m leaving this Saturday to pick him up from Oklahoma where he goes to college. The first in his family I might add. With a story like this, if you’ve got nothing positive to say...just shut the fuck up!


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