Show-Me Senator Elect Josh Hawley Talking Facebook And Social Media Crackdown

In an attempt to find some common ground, we remind readers that this politico shares a lot in common with everybody's hipster nephew on the topic of intrusive phone app tech. Checkit:

In his appearance on Tucker Carlson Tonight, Sen. Hawley suggested a broader inquiry into Big Tech might be needed.

"I think it's time we looked at the effect big tech is having on our personal lives, on our families, on our schools, on our society. These are major companies. Many of them monopolies. They make billions of dollars a year. There've never been more powerful companies in the history of the world, and they need to be held accountable," the Missouri senator said.

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Facebook blasted by privacy advocates, lawmakers over data-sharing agreements


  1. "They trust me, dumb fucks"

    "Do no evil"

    Of course the american public swallowed the bait hook, line, and sinker.

  2. What about Big Pharma, Walmarts, McDonalds......

  3. Oh my! And maybe we can investigate the effects comic books have on young minds. Oh, wait. That was 60 years ago.

  4. All that on-line criticism about not doing your damn job when you held the Missouri AG's office hurt, didn't it, Lil' Joshie?

    Hope you get a permanent Federal Job in DC real soon, that's what you wanted all along.

    Bet you and the Missus are looking forward to going back home in January, aren't you?

    You were real troopers toughing it out here in fly-over country for eight long years, but now you'll never have to see this State ever again.

  5. ^^ Hey retard, do you think Josh is really reading this waste of time? This is geriatric wasteland. Nobody with any common sense reads the delusional ramblings of a bunch of losers waiting to die. Get real! Retard.

  6. Nope, @ 12:40, just trying to get a reaction from a pathetic little chump like you - thanks for your spew.


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