Show-Me Senator-Elect Josh Hawley In Hot Water For Politicizing Missouri AG Office???

Honestly, if there are any news junkies out there Friday eve . . . We need your take on this one because this bi-partisan push back against the "golden boy" is weird and most of the politicos in KCMO don't know what to make of it.

Here's today's blast . . .

Records show Hawley's staff used private email for official business, took direction from political consultants

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) -- Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley has released records showing employees in his office frequently used private email for official business and took direction from political consultants. Hawley's office released 85 pages of records Friday that indicate his state staff used private email to communicate with political consultants Gail Gitcho and Timmy Teepell, who led Hawley's successful campaign for the U.S.


  1. Get Mueller on the job. Probably had a deal with Russia too. Need more investigations.

    Hillary, fake dossier, uranium, Clinton foundation scam, no prob.

  2. Just like Trump, Hawley's own party doesn't really give a crap about him.

  3. Used private email to communicate with consultants....sounds legal to me, but to buttsore demos

  4. Just further proof that he was never interested in doing the job he was elected to, just as he has absolutely no interest in the Senate seat he's supposed to hold for six years.

    He started campaigning for the Senate the day after he took the oath of office for Missouri Attorney General, and he'll start searching for either a Cabinet Post or other Federal Job the day after he's sworn into the Senate.

    Don't forget that, since graduating High School in 1998, he has lived an worked in DC for almost all of his adult life, only moving back to Missouri in 2011. He has no interest in either Missouri or any elective office.

  5. But his emails... Lock him up.

  6. You idiot democrats believe anything. Put up or shut up.

  7. 9:53

    You know nothing about him.
    Shut your ignorant piehole.

  8. I’d like to be in any kind of water with him, hot or cold. He’s cute.

  9. 746, I knw what his record is, and have read his on-line biography and Wikipedia entry, both of which support my contentions.

    What "secret" information do you have that indicate anything otherwise? Please open your knowledgeable "piehole" and educate the rest of us.


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