Show-Me Prison Crisis In Missouri

The scary reality here that most law enforcement officials want to keep secret is that what happens in jail usually resonates on local streets. And so the rough prison industrial complex life confronted by inmates is a big part of the rising violence we've seen throughout Missouri . . . Read more:

Crisis in Missouri prisons 'downplayed'

Staff vacancies and violence against correctional officers are higher than the Missouri Department of Corrections is willing to admit or divulge, according to former employees of the department. Since July, Bill Schmutz, a retired deputy warden at Algoa Correctional Center, has been working with other retired or departed Corrections workers to bring attention to what they say are serious issues needing immediate attention.


  1. Misosouri prisons have problems...amazing. Well, if there jis a rape problem in Jackson county jail that forte can’t fix you can be assured that niggaz be getting raped in the pen

  2. The prison crisis is that we need more of them and longer sentences to keep criminals off the street.

  3. Pfft, if u against bad development projects, prepare for jail or solitary confinement under the auspices of whatever shot that can stick.

  4. This kind of shit keeps up, "Da People" ain't gonna want to go to your damn Prisons!


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