Monday, December 31, 2018

Show-Me Political Missouri Call & Response

Here's more statewide reporting than any other news outlet in Kansas City and a peek at Jeff City in flux despite GOP hegemony. Read more:

We asked questions at the beginning of the year about Missouri politics - Here are the answers

It's fair to say that Missouri politics may not see another year like 2018. There's little doubt that the past 12 months were historic, as Missouri saw the fall of a governor - and the election of a new U.S. Senator. This year also brought titanic political shifts throughout the state - as well as locally throughout St.


Anonymous said...

Nothings changed in KCMO it's still fuck others first before they fuck you.

Anonymous said...

Missouri politicos have it really bad.

Their life is like toilet paper, either they are on a roll, or they are taking shit from some asshole.

TKC Reader For Trump said...

Show Me The Donuts and pass the tissue. I miss our date rape accused governor!