Show-Me More Missouri Abortions 2019?!?!

The local fight over one of the most horrific medical practices ever devised continues into the new year as "providers" struggle with increased regulation and the fact that most Americans view the late term operation as barbaric. Read more:

Missouri Planned Parenthood asks judge to block abortion law

A Columbia Planned Parenthood has passed its state inspection and is asking a federal judge to take action to allow the clinic to provide abortions again. The Columbia Daily Tribune reports that the clinic wants to start offering abortions beginning Jan. 28.


  1. Did you know abortion both suction and decapitation (later term) the doctor has to put the body parts together to make sure the whole body is there, so nothing is left inside?

    How about that mommy dearest?

  2. Abortion kills.

  3. New hire Dr. Mengele is especially anxious to get started.

  4. Increasing abortions will lower the murder rate in 17 to 24 years from now.

  5. No abortion! Have those babies! What are the Catholic Priests of the future going to do for pre-teen sex partners if this goes on?

  6. Rita Valenciano12/28/18, 10:43 PM

    Wish I'd had one.


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