Show-Me HUGE Missouri Weed Bust Whilst The Nation Moves Toward Legalization

An EPIC shipment takes a hit whilst the laws in this state remain in flux and only the most reactionary politicos are holding on to outdated draconian rules that are mostly ignored.


Marijuana legalization is working; most Americans are on board

Meanwhile, the drug war is mostly yet another crackdown against po'folk and authorities attempting to justify their budgets. Take a look:

Missouri State Highway Patrol confiscate 301 pounds of marijuana during traffic stop

COOPER COUNTY, Mo. (KHQA) - On Thursday, the Missouri State Highway Patrol seized hundreds of pounds of marijuana. A traffic stop was conducted for a vehicle following too close on eastbound I-70 at the 101 mile marker in Cooper County. From the traffic stop, 301 pounds of marijuana in vacuum sealed bags was seized.


  1. So what ? Legalization is around d the corner, leave the citizens alone.

  2. ^^^^^^^^^^^^ +100

  3. Following too close? Yeah right.

  4. There were 302 pounds when stopped. Hmmmmmmmm

  5. Wonder if it was any good or just ditch ... it wasn't heading towards KC so maybe it was somewhat worth having i.e. not KC ditch for ripoff prices ...

    /s/ unconnected and bitter ...

  6. Police and prosecutors (even Jean Baker) must enforce the law as it exists, including drug laws.

  7. What if it was legislated everyone on stool softeners were criminals and they hall you off to jail? The law's the law, you shouldn't have been trying to unblock your colon?


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