Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Show-Me Community Push Back Against Embattled Police Chief In Columbia, MO

Reader suggested link offers a glimpse of grassroots and some law enforcement opposition against this honcho along with a reminder that it's really hard to replace a public official. Read more:

Rude Awakenings: Columbia police chief Ken Burton is here to stay


Anonymous said...

"Hell To The Chef"?

Anonymous said...

The law protecting Police Chiefs was needed especially in small towns where Chiefs were fired regularly by new mayors and new city councils for noting more than personality conflicts. With that said, creating controversy and division with officers and the public probably isn't the best move if you truly want to work for another department somewhere. Lets not forget he authorized a night time raid with SWAT on a house that resulted in the resident's two dogs getting killed and children traumatized over the sale of a small bag of weed weeks earlier.

Anonymous said...

Two dogs in a house with children selling weed. Lemme guess, Rotweilers. No loss there. The children were/are already on the bad track for life with dope peddling parents.