Show-Me Catholics Against MO Death Penalty

An underrated political stance for heartland Catholics earns a boost from advocates who take the "right to life" more seriously than most. Checkit:

Catechism revision adds impetus in death penalty abolition fight

Changes in law and public opinion have had their role to play in the quest to end capital punishment in the United States, but Catholic teaching also has played a part, according to Robert Dunham, executive director of the Death Penalty Information Center.


  1. Sounds like the Pope would give Hitler 25 years to life with time off for good behavior. Jack "The Dripper" Kervorkian had a good success record dispatching humans to the next life. Used his cocktail in future executions.

  2. If the catholic s don't like the death penalty then they can pay for their feeding and keep each day. They are such hypocrites they used to kill Christians.

    1. Great idea 9:32. Send inmates from death row to the Vatican to be “rehabilitated” while on the Vatican’s dime.

  3. I’m guessing we’re not getting an express lane then?

  4. Their just mad because their pretend friend was executed.

  5. Shit, not even gonna go down the route of how much it costs to house a guy on death row vs. a guy in prison for life. You morons just wouldn't be able to follow the economics.


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