Show-Me Big Money Missouri Weed Game

The weed trade is now one of the biggest growing biz markets in the world and so this "medical" experiment in Missouri is nothing more than a gateway to bigger industry and more demand as the battle in the drug war is all but lost whilst simply becoming another corporate profit machine. Here's the preview . . .

Race is on to get into medical marijuana business in Missouri

The race is on to get into the medical marijuana industry for Missouri. Medical Marijuana advocates claim the industry will bring more jobs and more tax revenue to the Show-Me state next year. About 300 licenses are up for grabs. Roughly 60 of them will be for cultivation; 80 are for manufacturing, and almost 200 are for statewide dispensaries.


  1. ^^^ The cartels are still doing well.

  2. No doubt it's going to be a gazzilion dollar industry.

  3. 48 percent in prison are alcoholics

  4. Sledge Hammer of an article, very informative!!

  5. .......this will be good news for "The Kaw Valley Hemp Pickers Asso."
    ........It's been awhile...


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