Shawnee Lady Seyz Life Without Doggie Is 'Pure Hell' And As She Begs For Help

Actually, a very sad story from a woman who is asking for her lil' helper to be returned. Hopefully, the report can elicit an act of holiday season kindness from those who stole the adorable pooch . . . This human interest story is guaranteed to hit the soft spot of locals who understand that crooks don't always understand the cruelty they're inflicting and might want to think about giving this doggie back to a lady who needs it much more . . .



  1. $20 says a neighbor got tired of the yappy assed dog and took care of business.

  2. ^^^^ learn to read. She was at a dog park putting her two other dogs in the car. When she turned to get the Chihuahua it was gone and she saw two black males run into their car and speed off. I hate to say it bit they just probably stole themselves a bait dog for pitbull fighting. Just another wonderful thing black people contribute to society.


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