Sharice Davids Shapes The Future?!?!

Not sure we shared this one but it fits nicely here in order to talk about later tonight with drunk uncle and everybody else still pouting and/or celebrating the Blue Wave . . . Read more:

Sharice Davids, a gay Native American, is ready to 'shape the future' of America

Rep.-elect Sharice Davids emerged as one of the most prominent faces of this year's "rainbow wave," which produced a record number of LGBTQ candidates for elected office. Davids, a Democrat from Kansas, was one of an estimated 160 lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer candidates to win, making her the first openly LGBTQ Kansan elected to Congress and one of the first two Native American women elected.


  1. Sharice is going to represent the Lickahoe Nation very well. She will eat a lot of pussy.

  2. We will fight these people. They are an abomination they are mentally ill and their lifestyle is not normal.

  3. Davids is a clueless airhead from a small electorally insignificant state who somehow thinks her "celebrity" of being a Native American lesbian is going to carry her in the blast furnace of Washington politics.
    She'll do as she's told by people like Pelosi, or she'll disappear faster than usual for a freshman.
    And she's likely to make a fool of herself and embarrass the folks back in Kansas.
    Davids is likely to be a one-termer, so she'd better start looking for some obscure job in DC, and there are lots and lots of them.
    What an embarrassing joke!

  4. Latino men build this country to get represented by token men not minority enough

  5. Sharice is the typical millennial that fills up at QuikTrip for a quarter.

    Remember pussy is the most expensive meal you will ever eat.

  6. I don’t care about her sexuality, but I’m definitely turned off by her stupidity. She’s already an embarrassment to her district and the state of KS.

  7. She's Indian. So I'm guessing she skins her beaver.

  8. What blue wave?

  9. Blue House in 2018, White House in 202012/24/18, 9:33 AM

    @ 8:37 - "What blue wave"? Ask Paul Ryan!

  10. Media never misses a chance to call Sharice Davids a "GAY NATIVE AMERICAN"

    Virtue signal much?

    But it's not even technically correct is it?

    According to the LGBT reference language handbook, a homosexual woman who's sexually attracted to other women is a LESBIAN. It's the first letter in the LGBT acronym!

    GAY refers to male homosexuals, otherwise they're being excluded from the LGBT family.

    I'm suggesting that in 2019, everyone starts declaring their sexual orientation when giving their name.
    Examples: When visiting a restaurant, your waiter declares "I'm Trisha, I'm a bisexual, and I'll be serving you today." To which you reply, "I'm Dick, I'm heterosexual, and I'll be giving you a tip for good service."

  11. Hi, I'm Dick Buttfocker and this is my assistant Leslie Van Lezbian. We are here to help!

  12. First your sexual identity. You claim to be hetro and we consider that abnormal. Right Leslie?

  13. Correct Dick. Not only abnormal but a threat to the Rainbow Wave. May I ask who you vote for?

  14. NBC should have just titled the article. "PUSSY LICKIN GOOD" Meet the freshmen!

  15. Yoder should come out as a gender-nonconforming lesbian for the ‘20 election to scoop sharice’s identity politics angle.



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