SecState Pompeo Considers Rapture Amid Prez Trump Border Wall Standoff

The Prez touts "big progress" in the ongoing debate over a smallish stretch of fence that's more symbolic than anything else whilst this Kansas native speaks of kingdom come . . . Checkit:

Secretary Of State Mike Pompeo: 'We Will Continue To Fight... Until The Rapture'

Social media is on fire after a 2015 video has been rediscovered showing Secretary of State Mike Pompeo discussing the Rapture. In the video Pompeo expresses his opposition to same-sex marriage while addressing a church congregation. In the video Pompeo declares: We will continue to fight these battles, it is a never ending struggle...


  1. Ho Lee Fuk

  2. The Rapture will occur Jan. 20, 2021 when the current president and his crew vanish.

  3. ^^^ that would be the end of the world if that happened, you people will get us all killed

  4. Probably believes when he croaks he'll wake up on an 18 hole golf course with a mercedes in every driveway on Pluto.

  5. Another right wing horse's ass!

  6. Donald T. Rump12/29/18, 6:43 PM

    The "Rapture" happened at one minute past Midnight on January 1, 2000!Those chosen to ascend to Heaven departed this Earth then, and the Gates of Heaven closed for all Eternity!

    Those of us remaining have had all memory of the Event erased from our minds through God's Mercy, since he still loves us, even though we are all condemned to the Fires of Hell upon our deaths.

    Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Were Condemned To Remain Here!
    You have been judged, and found wanting!

  7. What kind of god gives a baby birth defects?..............
    and continues to do so..............
    no christian will answer that question..........

  8. Organized Religion....ain't it great. We need more of it in our government.


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