Resolved: Kansas Weed Law Outdated

Here's a glimpse at the grassroots movement to change regressive drug law policy in the Sunflower State as the move toward decriminalization and legalization begins. Read more:

When it comes to marijuana, the calendar in Kansas still says 1927 | The Wichita Eagle


  1. The locals in the western counties don't want the laws to change. The local governments there make too much revenue from harassing and busting eastbound traffic on I70 carrying small amounts of bud. Just ask the local lady that died in one of their jails after the horrific offense of having a gram of weed in her possession and was kept from her required and prescribed other medicine.

  2. One side says it's the harmless cure for every disease on the planet and the other claims "Reefer Madness" was a documentary.

    Both side's arguments are so full of shit and I simply don't give a fuck anymore.

  3. Part of the reason as a Kansas voter I left the Republican Party to be independent. The KS GOP is pathetic. They screwed up the state budget, and have a HUGE opportunity for a new income stream and instead have members saying to the public that weed impacts black people differently than white people. Silly voters, you are thinking about PCP.

    Remember in western KS you have a bunch of alcohol prohibitionists too.

  4. "GRASSroots movement"

    I see what you did there!

  5. Colorado loves Kansas backward marijuana laws.

  6. 12:42 have you been to Denver lately? The city's downtown has turned to shit with homeless stoners and you can't swing a dead cat on a street corner without smacking one panhandling for weed money. Golden's even fucking worse!


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