Remember Yael?!?! Kansas City Comeback For Peace Corps Progressive!!!

Dead-Tree #TBT just to put on the calendar and possibly the best place for a TKC X-mas meetup in order to talk loud and chew bubble gum. (Or maybe, as Chuck suggests, listen to a liberal who undoubtedly practice what he preaches.)


Kansas City Public Library: Putting Off Retirement - for the Peace Corps -- Yael Abouhalkah

Yael Abouhalkah gained a reputation in more than three decades as an editorial writer for The Kansas City Star for not following the path of least resistance. It figures then that he and his wife haven’t slipped into quiet, comfortable retirement, instead moving seven time zones away to the southwest African nation of Namibia to serve in the Peace Corps.

Abouhalkah -- among the 6% of Peace Corps workers who are over age 50 -- discuss a 16-month journey, which will carry into 2019. He teaches English to hundreds of youngsters at a primary school, and has worked to upgrade the schools’ libraries with the help of more than 1,000 books contributed by fellow Kansas Citians. Event attendees are invited to bring a children’s book or two to donate to the Books for Namibian Children collection (English-language fiction or nonfiction titles, first- through fifth-grade reading levels, hardbound or paperback).

Abouhalkah spent 32 of his 37 years at The Star writing editorials.

You decide . . .


  1. I suggest he and the PC travel to North Sentinal Island, one of the Andaman Islands in the Indian Ocean, and bring liberal ideals to the Sentinalese savages. They yearn to learn about the West's Great White Hope Hillary Clinton and her toady Humma. Peace Corp PC = Politically Correct PC

  2. He is in just the place that he needs to be.

  3. With luck the leftist asshole will catch some jungle disease and die slowly.

  4. That’s how far Yael had to go to find people who don’t know what a douche bag he is. They’ll soon find out.

  5. Hey look at the old asshole fucks commenting about a guy trying to do something decent while they sit in their basements and jack off to porn every now and then. But hey, he's a Lib so gotta own him right fellas?

    What are you twats doing for the world besides using up precious oxygen pissing and moaning about everything conceivable subject under the sun?

    1. Have you tried Burger King? They might hire you. Good luck!

  6. I told you guys to be careful not to awaken the basement boi idiot. Now look at what you've done; more of his worthless tripe.

  7. I can see him just poisoning these kids heads about US politics and how great socialism is.

  8. 4:45 -- FTW

  9. I still like Yael from his local columns and his ruckus appearances. Namibia is like a geographically huge country with only like 3 million people. Good for Yael for doing something useful post star career.

  10. He was a standard garden variety liberal.

    That said, big up for going out and practicing what he preaches.

    I admire his charity, his honesty and his efforts at trying to make the world a better place.

    God Bless him.

  11. Who the fuck cares, he will probably die of Ebola and we will finally be rid of him.

  12. I thought Yael had been fed to the crocodiles after he asked for a bribe to write a glowing editorial in praise of the Namibian President.

  13. Actions do speak louder than words. For those critical of Yael, do something positive. Volunteer locally if you don't have the courage and character to travel thousands of miles to serve your fellow man in an impoverished land. Don't be a substitute teacher, volunteer counselor or act in any instructive capacity. The world doesn't need any more of your filth.

  14. Looks like he finally did something worthwhile. Congrats!

  15. Who's to say that Yael's "Peace Corps" experience wasn't a cover for his admittance to the Psych Ward following his dismissal from the Star and Trump's ascendancy to the White House?

  16. ^^^"Psych Ward"..."Trump"...shows how clueless ya gotta be when you use both in the same sentence without marrying them together. DT's the one in need of a straightjacket, as are most of his supporters.


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