Recycling Kansas City Christmas

On the other side of the Show-Me State they're coming up with a more progressive solution as St. Louis County is working with the Missouri Department of Conservation to collect trees for fish habitat .

Meanwhile, here's where locals can cope with them the old fashioned way . . .

Here's where you can drop off your Christmas tree when you're done with it

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- When the holidays are over, give your natural holiday trees, wreaths and garlands a second life by recycling them. Like other organic yard-waste materials, holiday trees and greenery are banned from landfills in Misso uri. Kansas also discourages sending yard waste to landfills.


  1. My neighbor's tree was dumped on the curb by 8 pm on Christmas night.

    Got to keep moving on to the next thing I suppose.

  2. ^^quit worrying about your neighbors Gladys Kravitz! Mind your own fucking business!!!!!


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