Prez Trump Trade War Helps Kansas?!?!

Here's a not so fun fact that most even the most diehard Republican Sunflower State Reps dispute because their constituents are telling them otherwise. Read more:

Pompeo: Kansas Workers Will Eventually Benefit From Trade War With China

Mike Pompeo, the U.S. Secretary of State and a former Kansas congressman from Wichita, spoke about some of the key issues he is dealing with as the country's leader of foreign policy during a brief interview Thursday with KMUW. Trade War with China Pompeo supports President Donald Trump's decision to put pressure on China's leadership through tariffs.


  1. Green Acres is the place for me!

  2. Trump's policy of new agriculture taxes that results in bankruptcies and bailouts isn't a winner??? Shocking.

  3. I'm just the populist billionaire that hates New York and Hollywood. How 'bout that their farm bill!

    Now back to governing - by which I mean watching TV, tweeting, and golfing.


  4. Once China has a secure, steady alternative for the produce they buy from the US, US Farmers are fucked. Rebuilding that market will be damn near impossible.

    But, hang in there Farmers, Trump and Co are just waiting for this to start working.

  5. Here's the thing Mike, IP infringement has absolutely no bearing on Kansas whatsoever. The farm thing though, has a huge impact. So essentially, Kansas Farmers are a pawn in this game. Unfortunately, Trump is playing checkers.

    As far as the military leaving Syria, she Secretary of Defense was against this move, I think I'd defer to him if I were you.

    Could this clown be any bigger Trump shill than he already is? But then again, what we're moving towards is an administration that has no check on the idiot running it. Hopefully, his 'gut' telling him what to do doesn't lead us into a shitstorm like another war or something. Lord knows he never uses his early onset dementia head.


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