Sunday, December 02, 2018

Prez Trump Picking Kobach For Homeland Security Could Ignite Political Rebellion

Money line and why this Kansas crusder could be a bad idea:

"A confirmation vote on Kobach could energize a new Senate rebellion against Trump’s more extremist tendencies . . ."

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Could Kris Kobach Be Trump's Next DHS Secretary?

Trump reportedly wants to dump DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, and his ally Kris Kobach is the obvious choice to replace her, now that he's lost a bid to become governor of Kansas. But that choice could cause trouble with Republican senators.


Anonymous said...

The democrats will protest any Trump appointment unless the nominee is a flaming homosexual like they are.

Anonymous said...

Which Senate Republicans would vote against him???

They are a rubber stamp.

Anonymous said...

A Kobach pick would certainly be fitting - outside of the president* himself, there's no bigger airhead in national politics.