Phil Glynn Jumps On Chiefs' Bandwagon Amid Faltering Kansas City Mayor Campaign

This fake candidate started his pitch by playing up tenuous East Side connections.

Behind the scenes there was a sketchy dust up with the Kander campaign.

Soon, excitement faded and his fundraising efforts quickly tapered off.

Whilst he billed himself as a TIF Fighter . . . Our blog community notes that his stand on that issue is tenuous at best.

And so, with very little support for his political ambitions, fugazi candidate Phil Glynn is touting football love to attract fundraising attention.

Will it work???

You decide . . .


  1. Jolie will beat him and his haircut.

    Believe it!

  2. Will Phil be serving "GANGSTA SALMON" at this fundraiser?

    Speaking of fish and things that smell, isn't Glynn's business (excuse me, I mean his wife's family business) taking advantage of Native American tribes?

  3. Welcome to the cesspool son.

  4. Since the Chief Petitioner is for him, then His employer will be against. How are those FB time of day snapshots of you “working” while in KCK?

  5. $500 for a coach donation to make someone feel important. I don’t see this guy winning at all so you would just be lining his pockets for nothing.

  6. Will the former Chief Kareem Hunt be there?
    At least you could then hope for some drunken entertainment.
    Putting money into this "campaign" is like offering to fund 18th and Vine.
    Into thin air!

    1. Cream Hunt will donate $100 so he can be a kicker.

  7. ^^I don't know, did you ask? Stop asking dumb questions.

  8. Everyone sees right through Phony Phil.

  9. That's his Bro-In-Laws brewery...wonder how many campaign dollars will be use to pay him off? $50/pint

  10. ^^Wonder how you got out of bed today.

  11. Tony you may not be calling this one right. Outsider status may play well with the tiny turnout in muni elections.



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