Nice Guy Revenge For Kansas Guv Colyer???

He took the higher road against Kris Kobach and proved willing to comprise with growing Democratic bloc in Kansas. While nice guys mostly finish last, there's a chance this politico has a better shot at the Senate than most of his competition because he doesn't quickly fall into culture war traps. Checkit:

Departing Kansas Gov. Colyer open to future run for office

TOPEKA, KS (AP) - Departing Kansas Gov. Jeff Colyer isn't ruling out a future run for public office but says he will be looking at opportunities in both business and government service. The Republican governor was not specific about his plans during a recent Associated Press interview, except to say he and wife Ruth will take "a little vacation" after leaving office Jan.


  1. I love Kevin, and think Sharice Davids will turn out to be the same chronic loser she's been--starts out punching, then wavers and loses. That's what happens when one's brain is addled from a stupid hobby--being punched in the head for 12 years (with just one victory) without benefit of a damn helmet. She's a stammering affirmative action robot doll, and certainly no Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

    So there we are: Gov. Colyer, soon to be Sen. Colyer. As the world turns...

  2. ^^^ Absolutely agree!

  3. The first half of my 9:47 comment got deleted when Tony's site was wonky, and would not show the Captcha, which doesn't even work for me--I get no pics of busses or bridges.

    What I tried to say was:
    Colyer is on his way to the Senate.
    His loss won't count against him, because he just refused to contest the 345 vote margin with Kobach. And why? Because the Ks. Legislature is a viper pit, in a loser town, Topeka. Second prize is always two terms.
    So he got to BE governor for 6 months, which was quite enuf, thank you. Until we change the state constitution, and get the COURT out of making budget decisions, we are doomed. Nobody has the balls, especially Janet Kelly, to force the public school districts to consolidate. We don't need 300 of them. It's all driven by Friday night football, and whining about bussing, when they live on bleak underperforming farmland, (coming soon, Dustbowl II), and way too many administrators, not enough $ in the classrooms.

    Remember also: Colyer, like Kobach and Loser to Be Sharice Davids, were ALL White House Fellows. They got the virus for power and influence early. So now Colyer is well-positioned to run for Senate. Just need to velcro Pat Roberts to that rented Barcalounger in western Ks. Time for him to retire.

    Perfect timing, Trump is getting us out of unwinnable wars, and Pat is on Armed Services Committee. Let it go, Pat. Let it go!!

    There was a big diff. in Colyer's close loss and Yoder's.

    --and now I hope this posts, and you can read my two posts backwards...

    Is it just me, or is your Google Chrome impossibly slow today???

  4. correction, LAURA Kelly.

    We used to be able to edit these posts...


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