Newsflash: Kareem Hunt Allegedly Punched Some Guy In The Face At KCMO P&L District

More alleged local misdeeds . . .

KCTV5: Kareem Hunt accused of another attack; this time in Kansas City

Fox4: Former Chiefs RB Kareem Hunt allegedly attacked man at KC club in January, police report says

KMBC: Kansas City man filed police report claiming Kareem Hunt involved in attack at Power & Light District

KSHB: Ex-Chiefs RB Kareem Hunt accused in another alleged attack, this time in KC

In fairness, anybody who has ever been to this place has felt the same way when dealing close up to so many local party dudes.

Developing . . .


  1. Big deal, one thug punching another thug

  2. ^^^^^ good point.

  3. Big deal, several black thugs punching and kicking a guy. Happens all the time.

  4. Too bad the guy wasn’t armed. Could a done the world a major service

  5. Let's explore the new accusation, shall we?

    1. Victim admits to involving himself in an altercation that he could have stayed out of.

    2. Club security removed HIM and his crew from the premises.

    3. Refuses to file report until goaded into it.

    4. Once police begin an earnest investigation he refuses to cooperate.

    5. Incident was a big nothing burger for nearly a year.

    Bottom line: Victim's stories stink, both incidents went months left in the dark and police investigations into both found nothing criminal.

    Move along...

  6. Cream sure as hell didn't rise to the top with him.

  7. Kareem Hunt involved in more violence involving alcohol......

    Dem nostrils tho

    1. He done got 2 finger nose pickn nostrils...


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