More Mizzou Money For Kansas City Scholars

Educational opportunity that just might make your drunk uncle mad after racial drama fallout, here's good news for KC students looking at a state school. read more:

MU, KC Scholars announce $40M in scholarships to KC students

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - High school students in the Kansas City area could be eligible to participate in a new $40 million scholarship program, the University of Missouri - Columbia announced Monday. The program ties into the KC Scholars program, which launched in 2016 and had already been providing scholarships for 500 students from the Kansas City area.


  1. Please oh please come back to this university! We're sorry we let SJW fascists take over our campus. It'll never happen again, honest!!

  2. ^^^ Lulz.

    That's kinda true. This kind of shows some desperation for good old mizzou. It's not a bad school but some of the administration is just plain wacky.

  3. Bulldoze the black student Union and we'll consider your offer =|8^/

  4. Hey Tony, where was your post about the MU professor who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry?

    You are the first to point out when something goes wrong like 2015. But completely ignore a positive story. But, after all, don't let "fairness" and "where credit is due" get in the way of good internet trolling.

  5. MU is SEC, this the Midwest, screw the SEC you all.

  6. Typical Midwest retardation right there^^^^

  7. This is not for white students,. It is based on need not merit.

  8. Grambling of the Midwest


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